Summer Stylist Series || Go Vintage #3 with Miss Farfalla

We're rounding out the end of the month with our last Go Vintage Summer Stylist Series by Chris of Miss Farfalla.  Each of her previous 2 posts have explored a different time period - first to the Roaring 20's and then onto the Depression Era of the 1930's.  This week, Chris is peeking into the 1940's with a bit of romance in a the cigarette filled bar.  She paints the picture for us below and finishes her post with a song clip with you can almost hear playing in the background.  Each of her period selections are all available on Etsy and would make a dashing impression if anyone walked into a bar dressed with such style and mystery - all in black!

Feeling inspired on what to wear on your next night out?  Thank you so much, Chris!

A Case of Noir

She sits at the end of a smoky bar and the neon lights up her Maybelline. She wonders if he’ll be there tonight or if she should ever wonder ever again. The war’s over and maybe she’ll just leave. Jump the train to Chicago or maybe keep going… Hollywood? She was told she has those eyes. 

But for now she hears the intro. Adjusts the seams in her stockings and walks to the spotlight. Saxaphone for four slow bars. Lucky Strikes glow in the audience. Torch songs for twenty minutes… then dreams in the neon again. War’s over. Maybe he’ll be back. Maybe tonight.

Marguerite - 1940's Black Wool Hat  ||  The Mad Hat Lady
Gold Plated Vintage Cigarette Case  ||  Power of One Designs
1940's Slow Dancing Dress  ||  Wildfell Hall Vintage
Vintage 1940's Necklace  ||  Old Chestnut Cottage
Ivory Satin Silk Pumps 1940's  ||  Slate Vintager
1940's Vintage Corde Handbag  ||  Salome Vintage

“You go to my head and you linger like a haunting refrain
And I find you spinning 'round in my brain
Like the bubbles in a glass of champagne

You go to my head like a sip of sparkling Burgundy brew
And I find the very mention of you
Like the kicker in a julep or two”

Fresh Five || Fall Color Preview

Our main goal is to bring you the best and brightest on Etsy.  We also want to showcase the latest or "freshest" finds, so that's why we have created the Fresh Five. The Fresh Five will be five items that are new to a shop + share a common theme. This month's theme is FALL.

Fall? Yes , it's right around the corner and my absolute favorite season of the year.  Summer's nice but it's hot and you can't really get cozy during the Summer.  Fall is about cooler weather and warmer colors.  I picked out items that represent some of my favorite colors for fall like deep teal, burnt orange and rust.

Fresh Five || Fall Color Preview
1.  fall color garland || Palimpsestic
2. Tuileries Garden in Autumn || The Paris Print Shop
3. fox friend || Finkelsteins
4. autumn leaves stamp set || Green Gardern Stamps
5. linden green and teal color block pillow || Jillian Rene Decor

Inside Etsy Studio Visits \\ Seven White Rabbits

1. Where is your studio located? Give us a sense of the town or city where you reside through a photograph.

My Studio is located in Playa Del Rey, California. Its a beach city in Los Angeles, just south of Venice Beach.  Its a quiet beach town, but still close to everything Los Angeles has to offer. 

2. How did you get started in your craft? What inspires you?

I've been making things for as long as I can remember. My grandma taught me to sew when I was 5, and I don't think I've stopped since. 

I graduated from college with a degree in fashion design, and in addition to my Etsy shops, I also work as a designer for a clothing company in Downtown Los Angeles. A lot of the fabric I use for Seven White Rabbits is salvaged from the leftover production fabric remnants of my day job. 

I look for inspiration everywhere- street style, fashion blogs, and museums. Sometimes I need to escape from fashion and look for inspiration at the beach or park with my boy.
My son is my unofficial mascot, and my inspiration for my baby and kids line (

3. What are the top 3 tools that are most important in your craft?

My sewing machine, fabric and a good pair of scissors!

4. Does music play a role in your creating or do you like to work in silence?

My father and brother are musicians, and music has always been a big part of my life. I often have music playing when I work, although there are times when all I want is silence, as I'm sure most mothers of young kids can appreciate.

5. What are the greatest rewards of creating something that is handmade?

I love making things, to me there is something so satisfying about taking a pile of fabric and turning it into something. Especially when I can take something old or destined for the trash and make it into something new.

Instagram :: @sevenwhiterabbits
Facebook :: SevenWhiteRabbits

Summer Home Stylist Series || Cinne Worthington

In today's Summer Home Stylist Series by Cinne of by Cinne Worthington, we are taken inside an imaginary world inspired by the artist Julian Schnabel.  Julian has been known for walking around the streets of New York in his paint splattered silk pajamas - a sure sign of an artists passion and focus.  Cinne takes that visual and translates it into her own work of art right here - let's call it "The Fine Art of Dining"!  What would it be like to live and work in your PJ's all day?  How would your kitchen be decorated and function to feed both your belly and your creative spirit?  Great questions!

With each of her selections, Cinne has created a world where you keep your artist's inspiration close by your side at all times.  Sitting down for a scone?  Keep the art utensils at your place setting - never know when you have to switch between a fork and a pencil!  Have a stand for your cookbook?  Yup, it's now the perfect place to put artwork for inspiration and offers the flexibility of changing it up depending on your creative mood.  Cinne keeps the furnishings fresh and funky by reupholstering various mid century chairs - a sure way to keep the energy flowing as your eye works from one pattern to the other.  This dining experience would be filled with vibrant colors and light would twinkle off the over-the-top elegance and shine off the contemporary styling - shall we call it roco?  Wall space would be artfully decorated with an eclectic flair and wall spaces above cabinets would showcase artwork.  It's clear that as an artist, Cinne understands how to channel that passion into home decor!

Wow, Cinne - what an awesome space to live in!  I'm inspired to pick up my breakfast plate and step into this world.  I'm glad I get to keep my PJ's on all day too!  What about you?  Will you join me?


All items in The Fine Art of Dining are available on Etsy!   

Vintage Dripping Glass Crystal Chandelier
from Oceanswept

Plates Porcelain Gray Set

Screen Printed Placemat
By Lucien Pritchard

Re-Upholstered 1970's Teak Chair

Iconic Lane Dining Chairs for a whole set (not included in photo layout) 
from oldbonescompany

Architecture Fabric

Script Alphabet Chalkbord Slate Fabric

Custom Laser Engraved Concrete Wall Peg
by Zeitgeistfactory

Men's PJ Set
from Phoenixinfire

Chinoiserie Beaded Maroon Velvet Slippers

Leather Pencil Case
by modulem

Upcycled Dry Soda Bottle Glass
by yava glass

Mid Century Modern Shoe Display Stand
from Bellalulu

Guest Stylist || Cloth and Ink

Each month we hold a Style Guide Challenge. The winner gets to be our Guest Stylist for the following month on Pinterest.  We ask that they share with us some of their absolute favorite items on Etsy and anything that helps visually share their own personal style.

Guest Stylist || Helen of Cloth and Ink
Her Stylist Board
Her Pinterest Boards
Her Etsy Shop

Colorful Style
1. pik vases via
2. knit pouf via
3. duvet cover via
4. hourglass alarm clock via

Etsy Style
5. 1950's lounge chair via The Modern Historic
6. mid century style bird bowl via Prince Design UK
7. wood bangle via voz collective
8. mid century style desk via Jeremiah Collection

Our June Style Guide winner was Helen of Cloth and Ink.  Her Etsy shop contains fun and modern patterns that she creates and then puts on fabric. As you can see from her shop she is not afraid of color and she has a playful sense of style when it comes to design. I could imagine any of her shop items fitting in perfectly with her Etsy favorites.  

Room Style
9. bedroom set via West Elm
10. wall shelves via West Elm
11. outdoor dining collection via Front and Main
12. office space via

We love Helen's fun and modern and style and can't thank her enough for sharing it with all of us!  Remember that if you see something you like, just pin it. Thanks Helen!

Our July Elite16 Etsy Style Guide Winner IS...

Cross Over Pocket Purse - Sm...
The Boho Turban Headband- In...
Mustard Yellow Pom Pom Flowe...
Black & White Adjustable Apr...
PAPER DRESS . Yellow Pages 1...
Fine art Print of Gouache Pa...
Journey Tales / Mixed Media ...
Bennington Potters Modernist...
NO.1 Unisex Black/Grey Cot...
Dansk fish trivet, 1970s abs...
Statement stacking ring set....
small black and white checke...
Silver and brown leather nec...
Abstract acrylic painting on...
20% OFF--Set of Black Vases,...

In this month's Style Guide Challenge, we dove into summer with our theme It's Hot!  We had so many creative collections to choose from, but we both fell in love with this winning collection by Cinne of by Cinne Worthington titled HOT! off the Grill.  Pulling out the grill and throwing on some juicy burgers (veggie or meat) is such a classic summertime event and a perfect starting point for curating a style guide.  Cinne evokes not only a grillin' gathering (who wants to grill alone?), but she also pulls in the colors and patterns of "grilling" - very creative!  Beautifully styled and balanced, Cinne has a natural eye for design and makes shopping on Etsy an artful experience.  Congratulations Cinne!


Our monthly Elite16 Style Guide Challenge is a great way to shop Etsy.  That's because our team of curators do the hard work for you!  As shop owners, we all know how to navigate through the many listings to find those quality shops.  We use our network to bring you some of the best that Etsy has to offer.  You can browse all of the collections right here and take your time enjoying the curated shopping guides our team has created for you.  

With over 50 shopping guides to browse from this month's challenge, we wanted to highlight some of our favorites!  Below is a Style Guide by Hana of A Quiet Curiosity and is a playful approach to our theme It's Hot.  Hana has put together a shopping guide with each item playing off her title Cool Cutouts and is such a fun way to express her creativity and showcase some "cool" Etsy finds!  From jewelry, shoes, clothing to home decor - Hana has you covered!  Loving this one, Hana!

SALE 15% Discount Womens Gre...

Bennington Potters David Gil...

Bamboo Wood Cut Pendant with...

Berry Colander in Red- scall...

OOAK statement necklace in r...

Green Tribal Earrings : Wood...

Cutout Back striped dress// ...

Organic - gold - triangle - ...

Large Porcelain Basket Bird ...

To The World - Paper cutting

Cutout Navy Keds Sneakers 7 ...

knitting yarn bowl, bright y...

Sweetheart Dress Sewing PDF ...

Geometric Jewelry - Golden T...

80s Vintage Dress Turquoise ...

Bronze ring shaped lace, wit...

Our next collection here titled Cool Shade-Hot Summer is by Jill of Be Something New.  Jill looks to the tones of shade as inspiration for her style guide and pulls her collection together around the soft greys and white.  We all know that the best place to be on a hot day is either in the water or in the shade - Jill brings us into the cooler side of a hot summer day with each item featured below.  Feminine and modern, Jill presents a calming shopping guide for every woman to enjoy!  Jewelry, clothing or home decor - what's your pick?  Love the styling here, Jill!

French Country Home Botanica...
Ballet Russes Dress 2 New Bo...
Pencil Case - Cosmetic Pouch...
Rustic Hanging Oak Accent Sh...
White leggings - sheer mesh ...
drinking mug, white porcelai...
Druzy Crystal Earrings - Zeb...
Vintage Metal Cabinet
Four wooden houses, home dec...
Mint Green Shabby Chic White...
T14 White Radish Ring. Sterl...
Million Points of Light, Whi...
One-of-a-kind dress, wedding...
Looking Sharp - 5x7 Print Vi...
Leather Book - Pastel Mint -...
Teardrop White Gray Diamond ...

Colors are just that much brighter when the sun is out and beaming.  Maria of O bliss jewelry takes that hot sun and translated it into a shopping guide with some bright and juicy colors!  If you're a super fan of all things colorful, then you'll be sure to find something awesome in Maria's collection.  Go bold with your home decor or your accessories - don't be shy of the "hot" colors of summer!  Feels like diving into a fresh pool of bright sunshine - gorgeous finds, Maria!

Birds of Paradise Bralette
Nagy in apple green -medium-
Tropicana Painterly Drop Ear...
Cosmetic Pouch - Pencil Case...
NASTJA / Floral & Pink leath...
60's Yellow Catalina Pin...
NEON/ floral comb with velve...
Citrus Medley Stamp Set - Ru...
Vintage Maxi Dress . Yellow ...
Bright pink crystal optic pr...
Kitchen Art digital print or...
Mail Holder Modern Office Or...
Yellow gray white bubbles sp...
Neon Faceted Wood Necklace i...
TWIN SUNS abstract watercolo...
Geometric Leather Post Stud ...

Keeping with our tradition, we finish off our monthly Style Guide Challenges with a collection by our resident stylist Jenn of Palimpsestic.  Curating a theme based collection can be approached from so many different angles, but Jenn always adds her own quirky twist to her shopping guides.  You can just feel her mind churning around the challenge theme and then smiling as she creatively pulls together her own interpretation.  She always comes up with unique and beautifully balanced Style Guides and we look forward to seeing them all!  It's always a joy to end our post with the spotlight on Jenn's angle - this month, we went with her collection titled Icy Cold.  What better way to cool down on a hot summer day than with something cool and refreshing?  Just like Jenn ;-)

aluminum ice bucket - urban ...
Day Shopper Shoulder Purse
Personalized My Ice Cream Sp...
couple enjoying an ice cream...
vintage ice cream cone holde...
Black and White Photography,...
Czech Glass Earrings Pointed...
Vintage Ice Tongs // Industr...
Stacking rings. Set of 3. St...
10%OFF - Shade of grey paint...
Abstract Photography, Snow C...
T12 Fish and Sprout Stacking...
Ice Cream Cozy Pint Cover F...
Blue Ice - Landscape Photogr...
Vintage Ice Cream Scooper, W...
Industrial Ice Cream Scale

Thank you to all who participated this month in bringing you Inside Etsy with theme based shopping guides.  We hope you'll join us again next month as we continue our theme based Etsy Style Guide Challenge!  As the winner of this month's challenge, Cinne will be our guest Pinner on Pinterest - which you won't want to miss!  Be sure to follow us on Facebook to stay in touch with all the creative ways we keep you connected with quality shops on Etsy!

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