A Quiet Curiosity | Colorful Jewelry for a Colorful Life

I would like to introduce you to Hana. She has a modern + colorful shop, A Quiet Curiosity, full of polymer clay jewelry in fun geometric designs. She started her shop after making some jewelry to give as gifts to her bridesmaids and that creative process led to what you see today.  Right now her shop is full of bold color mixed with gold and silver accents. In addition to clay you may see leather or embroidery thread added to her pieces. Each piece of clay is formed, baked, sanded and buffed by Hana. 

"I have a strong passion to live a creative life, and designing jewelry helps to fulfill that passion. I find joy in creating and I hope my jewelry can pass on that joy to those who wear it." - Hana Brewster | owner, maker, designer, curator, photographer |        A Quiet Curiosity

Colorful Spring Fashion

1. 1960s Pastel Tunic Dress by zwzzy
2. Wool Felt Purse by Loft Full of Goodies
3. Sky Blue Chalcedony Gen Earrings by Caprichosa Jewelry
4. Spring Tote Bag by Bayan Hippo

I received my copy of Better Homes and Gardens the other day and on the cover it states, "Easy, Livable COLOR".  The words are set against an image of beautiful purple, pink and brown tones which made my spring fever go zoom!  I shared some of my Etsy spring picks in my post on Monday and I'm continuing that spring color trend with today's fashion selections!  Using zwzzy's ultra cute 1960's tunic dress as a starting point, I pulled together some items that pick up the colors in this dress.  The solid purple pink color of Vildan's handmade spring tote bag accents the pastel pink flowers without distracting from the delicate floral design of the dress.  I thought this outfit called for earrings that dangle, so I've selected these handwoven beauties from Mireille of Caprichosa Jewelry with their sky blue gems - delicious!  Finishing off my accessorizing, I picked out this modern felt purse by Natta of Loft Full of Goodies as I'm a real fan of little pouches and purses—you can never have too many!  It's still winter in Maine, but by golly - I'm ready for spring!


Lemon Zest and Linen | More Pantone Colors for Spring

Yellow is the quintessential Spring color. It's always fresh, cheerful and welcoming no matter the season.  Lemon Zest is Pantone's yellow for 2013.  It reminds me of daffodils and other early spring blooms.  This color just screams, "Spring is Here"!

a zest of lemon: (from left to right)

hounds tooth print pillow | giardino
yellow ceramic bowl | karo art
brass ring | la chica de los anillos
screen printed sweatshirt | zwzzy
polymer clay stud earrings | a quiet curiosity
yellow cafe chairs | the paris print shop
double mail holder with key hooks | pig and fish
lino print cards | trees 4 the wood
yellow tree | pure nature photos
personalized clutch | mama bleu designs

Named after the lightweight fabric and perhaps the perfect neutral for those warmer days,
Linen goes well with everything. Mix it with other subtle tones or play it up with poppy citrus brights. Pantone's Linen is your Spring must have neutral.

fresh linens: ( from left to right)

sculptural heart pendant | peiffer studios
botanical print | 88 editions
tumbled marble coasters | one december
zipper pillow cover | all things white
sculptural planter | l and m studio
striped top | assaf pelleg
linen purse | oktak
vintage linen table set | lovintage finds
table lamp | filigree creations
fiber jewelry | elena rosenberg

Spring Fever!

1.  Pink Magnolia Photo by Semi Sweet Studios
2. Chartreuse Flower Tote Bag by Oktak
3. Fabulous Frocks Brooch by Trees 4 the Wood
4. Spring Flowers Headband by Be Something New

Crunch, crunch, crunch...  That's the sound of the snow under my feet as I walk around outside with my heavy down coat, knit hat, ski gloves, wool scarf and big foot boots.  Last week was freezing here in Maine with temps in the single digits—brrrrrrr!  Can you blame me for having a serious case of spring fever right now?  Don't get me wrong, I am a big fan of the four seasons as each one helps you to appreciate all the others.  The transformation of the winter landscape into spring is probably my most favorite.  The air shifts, the birds come out to play, the trees start to bud, and it's an absolutely magical season.  Best of all?  Color!  When I look outside my window right now I see bare brown trees, white snow, and green pine trees set against the blue of the sky.  Springs brings forth a burst of color and not to mention warmer temps!  In the meantime, I'll sit here by the wood stove and satisfy my spring fever itch by seeking out beautiful items on Etsy and sharing them with all of you!

Pantone 2013 | Cool Tones : Monaco Blue, African Violet, Dusk Blue

Are you ready for more Spring color?  I featured Pantone's color picks for 2013 starting with colors from the Green family a couple weeks ago. This week we dive into those color tones of blue and purple.

Monaco Blue is very similar to a Royal Blue with a splash of Navy. It's a bit more fashion friendly than Tangerine Tango and meshes very well with Dusk Blue, Grayed Jade and Emerald.

Monaco Blue :
hand printed linen table runner | Giardino
infinity scarf | Seven White Rabbits
felt flower pillow cover | Jillian Rene Decor

Purple has never been my favorite color, but African Violet, Pantone's Purple choice for 2013 is a great accent color. I especially like it paired with Grayed Jade. I would have assumed it would have been a bit darker since it has violet in the name, but to me it leans toward lavender. Either way, I think it works well with most colors in the 2013 palette.

African Violet :
long sleeve top | Assaf Pelleg
beaded necklace | A Quiet Curiosity
water color painting | Louise Art Studio
hand carved stamp | Creatiate

I will wrap up the cool tones with Dusk Blue.  A very soft blue with lots of gray. I think this color also works very well with Monaco Blue.  I really see this as a perfect wedding color in 2013, don't you?

Dusk Blue :
butterfly clutch | Mama Bleu Designs
wrap top | Lirola
hand printed linen tea towel | Homesteading Roasters

We are halfway through the Pantone 2013 colors. Next up Lemon Zest and Linen!

3 Weeks Until Valentine's Day - Need Help?

1. Mini Ceramic Hearts Bowl by Ross Lab
2. Ceramic Heart Earrings by Karo Art
3. 100% Natural Herbal Bath Bombs by Growing Up Herbal
4. Ombre Hearts Art Block by Red Tile Studio
5. Organic Red Heart Love Ring by La Chica de los Anillos

I sometimes wonder where the graphic for a heart came from.  It's certainly not based on the organ in our bodies; no, that would not be as attractive as this beautifully symmetrical, fluid shape.  Hearts are the universal symbol of love and a perfect way to show someone how much you care anytime of year, but especially during Valentine's Day.  This romantic celebration of love is just 3 weeks away—the sweet spot for getting your Etsy orders placed!  Don't wait until the last minute as some items are made to order and some will ship from overseas, so plan ahead this year and surprise even yourself at how organized you are!  (That was on your new year's resolution list, right?)  I've highlighted 5 handmade heart shaped Etsy gifts and you can see my whole collection of 16 right here.  Nothing says "I Love You" like a heart!

Trending | Triangles

I am a fan of patterns and geometrics. I really can't get enough of them and triangles are
a particular favorite. It's such a simple shape + fun and modern. Let's explore some
of my favorites:

1. Colorful and bright painted wooden triangles by Perrodin Supply Co.
    These would make a great statement in a group of three or more.

2. Branch & Olive has all kinds of goodies, but I especially love these mini note cards with
    neon triangles. Don't forget to check out the back for a pop culture movie quote.

3. Everyone knows the easiest way to change up a space is to add or change out your pillow cover.
    I really love this apricot, gray and pink combination available at Neon Vintage Design.

4. Gold is so hot right now in fashion and home decor. A Quiet Curiosity makes this polymer clay necklace in both pink and gold and black and gold.

5. This modern top designed by Out of Line has this awesome top stitched triangle pattern. Also available in black, gray and teal.

6. Keep your favorite pictures happy in this trendy triangle picture frame by Mmim.

7. Black and White + Triangles! I love this little pouch by Bookhou at Home. Great as a makeup bag for your purse.

8. Packaging is so important, it gives your product that finishing touch. Creatiate's shop is full of so many fun stamps and this triangle pattern is no exception.

9. 16 pages of geometric art. It's in our nature by Jamie Milk makes a perfect gift.

Our Etsy January Style Guide Challenge Winner IS...

Vintage Poison Tea Cup ...

Handcut Bird Notecards ...

Black Little Bubbles Ri...

vintage 1970's blac...

Vintage Cocktail Dress ...

Typograhical print home...

Bite Me - Vintage Taran...

ceramic heart ornaments...

Voodoo Doll


Matte Plum Lipstick - D...


little silver heart nec...

The Hanging Book - Vint...

Blissful solitude - fi...

Sale Dark Sea Sutured h...

We have been choosing Style Guide Challenge winners since we first began in August of 2011, but this month we're starting fresh!  In this New Year of 2013, we're starting over with a clean slate and choosing winners as if this was our first!  With fresh eyes, Amber and I each went through the 106 submissions and narrowed it down to our top 10 style guides.  We found that we had 2 collections that were both winning material, but ultimately the quirky way in which Jenn of Etsy shop Palimpsestic interpreted this month's theme with her collection Fresh Start earned her the winning place!  Congratulations Jenn - your title and collection had us both laughing and smiling as we appreciated your sense of humor!  As this month's winner, Jenn will be our guest pinner on Pinterest for the month of February so watch for the links to follow her style!

Let us back up a bit because this will help you appreciate the genius behind Jenn's collection.  Our monthly Style Guide Challenge is not only an awesome way to shop Etsy through theme based shopping guides, but it's also a fun event for our team of curators.  This is where the challenge piece comes into play.  Each month, we choose one winner who has curated a collection that is relevant to the monthly theme, but also one that is well balanced in terms of styling.  The winner then gets an item from their shop included in the top row of the following month's challenge!  It's the first month of a new year, so our theme was "fresh start, fresh beginnings, fresh new year" and our team of curators were then free to interpret it in any way they wanted to.  As an example, one of my submissions was titled It's a Fresh New Day - Embrace the Mystery where I connected the idea of each day being a fresh start and curated accordingly.   Jenn, however, takes the theme Fresh Start and uses it as her title - but then, you look at the items she's put together and the story she's telling.   Scroll up and go look—and I mean really look...remember, her title is Fresh Start.  Are you laughing yet??  Jenn - thank you once again for entertaining us with your wit and whimsy—congratulations!


Are you curious about the other potential winning style guide collection?  This was a tough call because we really loved both the title and styling of this one here by Brooke of Peiffer Studios as well!  Don't you love her title and the way she wove it into the items she chose?  Not only that, but Brooke has also maintained a beautiful structural balance by using color as another unifying factor - brilliant!  The red, white, and black tones carry your eye throughout the collection to create a fantastic shopping guide!  It's perfect for finding something special and unique for Valentine's Day, don't you think?  You could look through the close to 250,000 items you get when you search on Etsy for "Valentine's Day" or you can check out what Brooke has hand selected for you!   What a beauty, Brooke!

'Are you getting fresh with me??' 

Keeping this month's theme in mind, we both loved the way Maria of o bliss jewellery brought together fresh ideas for both you and your home!   The new year is the perfect time to refresh and revisit both home decor and personal 'decor' - a time to clean out the routines and invigorate with the new.  Maria has chosen a limited color palette that is punctuated with neon green and tones of yellow for an eye catching shopping guide.  By keeping things minimal, Maria offers up a beautiful selection of simple, yet modern items that would be a perfect fit for those looking for a new look in 2013!  The arrangement is kept within a balance of color and shapes to navigate the eye through the collection - fabulous job, Maria!   

'Fresh styling... for you & your home' 

Raindrop Tea Towel - No...

Cream & Blue glass stud...

Vintage Chippy Green En...

Blue Loose cotton l...

Leg Warmers - Khaki and...

Mustard Yellow Pom Pom ...

Unisex Mustard Yellow B...

Cheerful warm gray, yel...

Bridges and Balloons Mo...

brown tray sand dish co...

Shoe Collection Lino Pr...

Running Late - Clock, E...

Organic Cotton Napkins ...

Grey & Yellow Chevron -...

green caps print

Country Chic Headband -...

Here in Maine, January usually means it's cold with lots of snow on the ground and bare trees blowing in the wind.  If you live in a cold climate, I'm sure you'll be able to relate to the outdoor gardening daydreaming that begins right about this time each year.  Just the mention of the word "fresh" conjures up images of garden veggies and blooming flowers.  What's essential to those things thriving in your garden?  Bees!  With bees, one also gets fresh honey!  Oh yum!  There's lots to love about this sunny- honey-bee collection by Laura of mama bleu designs.  It's filled with the golden glow of honey as each of her 16 selections incorporate the color of honey, honey itself, or the maker of this delicious golden treat - bees!  There's lots of goodness to go around with this style guide, Laura!

'fresh honey'

Hand-lettered Typograph...

Mustard Yellow Bumble B...

The Hive - Half Gallon ...

Organic Pure Raw Honey ...

Queen Bee Messenger Bag...

Art to wear handmade je...

The Bee's Honeycomb...

Bumble Bee - Fine Art P...

Coffee Cozy in Honey Ye...

Yellow Billy Ball Flowe...

Honeycomb Natural Histo...

Bee Hive- Archival Prin...


Buzz Off 5x7 beehive a...

Swarovski Crystal and S...

Honey Brown leather oxf...

And finally, let us conclude with something we can all relate to when it comes to starting each morning off fresh - a nice hot cup of java!  I admit that I'm a tea kinda gal, but I do so love the smell of freshly brewed coffee and the feeling of welcoming in the new day.  Aki of Etsy shop oktak brings us on a little journey here in her collection Rise and Shine.  By selecting images that relate to this morning ritual and placing them with ones that also evoke that very feeling of starting a new day, we see the story begin to unfold.  Even though I don't drink coffee in the morning, when I'm sipping on my hot tea and sitting on the couch—I'm connecting with a early morning rhythm that sustains me throughout the day.   It's a very special time of day that is most certainly about rising, but then shining!  A wonderful way to start off each day fresh, Aki!  

'Rise and Shine' 

MONTANA: ipad iphone st...

Morning Coffee Biscuit ...

Laptop Lap Desk or Brea...

Roasted Coffee - 1lb Ni...

autumn fall decor natur...

Mustard Yellow Felt Flo...

Vintage Warehouse Cart ...

creamer and sugar bowl,...

Vintage Pottery Cups, S...

On the way 2 (original ...

Boot Socks, Boot Cuffs,...

Flock of Birds Flying i...

vintage french alarm cl...

Striped Cups - Four Lit...

Chalkboard To Do List -...

vintage art deco french...

Thank you to all of our many curators who do such an amazing job at putting together some of the most engaging and beautiful style guide shopping guides!  Don't miss out on the 106 collections -  they're such a great way to shop Etsy with ease!  We hope you'll join us next month on the 16th as we explore a new theme and continue to take you Inside Etsy through the eyes of our very talented Style Guide Curators!

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