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After two years on blogger, we have finally moved onto a new format. It's with great pleasure we announce our new website, elite16.com.  Not only will it include all of our great blog content, but you can now access our favorite shops and navigate our finds with ease.

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Fall Fashion 2013 ║ Film Noir Inspired

Want to add a bit of glam to your look this fall?  Recall an era of sultry screen sirens, shadowed by dark drama, with signature vintage pieces and retro inspired new classics!  Bold, seductive lips, smoky come-hither eyes , and elegantly tailored fashion pieces contrast beautifully to create the look of a fierce femme fatale.  It's easier than you might think and you don't have to be a total  vamp to incorporate this trend into your everyday style.  Here are several pieces that add some old school glamour with a look that's all 2013!

Style Guide Winner | September

vintage teacups | project sarafan
nesting bowls | romy and clare
8x10 photograph | one december
feather ring | double ele

Every month we hold a Style Guide Challenge where we ask our amazing curator's to build collections around a common theme. This month's theme was all about Fall Color, which was inspired by Pantone's Fall 2013 color palette. The challenge was entitled A Riot of Color or Just a Pop, where the challenge was to either go crazy with color or go neutral with just a hint of color. The winner of our challenge becomes our Guest Stylist on Pinterest the following month where they get to show off their individual style and share with your their favorite finds throughout the internet.

Incite a Riot was a play off of our Just a Pop theme. Jenn took a monochromatic palette and infused it with a riot of color with just one colorful image.

orange | sugartowne
coin purse | oktak
dahlia flower | paper altar
color block pillows | jillian rene decor

Cinne went the opposite direction of Jenn with Pop Color Riot. Her bold and colorful palette uses some of the colors of the season like koi, turbulence and deep rich yellow.

ceramic necklace | karo art
metallic tote bag | independent reign
love notebook | the black spruce
mosaic belt buckle | romy and clare

Helen played up a variety of neutrals like lichen and camel, but all with a shiny metallic element, in Metallic Neutrals.

watercolor painting | fiona zakka
charcoal soap | lebotanicals
ring | le chien noir jewelry
scarf | project sarafan

As this was a challenge, we have to have a winner, someone who really captured the feeling of this seasons Fall Colors.  Our winner is Kim of Semi Sweet Studios! Her collection entitled, Pantone 19-4215: Turbulence, focused on the deep gray tone for this season.

See you next month for our next style guide challenge!

Take Five || Tote Bags

In the last week I have sent off parcels to Northern Ireland, Australia, Norway and the US. It left me thinking- Etsy shop owners really do have the world at their feet. While this is utterly fantastic, it also causes a bit of a problem, of lots and lots of choice for buyers.
So with a world of choice out there, where do you start?

So, what if you are looking for that perfect everyday shoulder bag, try a tote, they never go out of style. There simple construction means they are practical and convenient. Designers have a blank canvas to which they can accent in numerous prints, styles and fabrics.  From minimalist to stylish in linen ( 1. like Independent Reign in New York ) to bold and nautical in leather ( 2. from Coriumi in Lithuania). Try a Mexico inspired hand dyed canvas print (3. from scout and catalogue in Canada), or maybe some advice on how to be happy with typography print in cotton ( 4. from Toodle Noodles in New Zealand). Finally, how about a tattooed cat print to make you smile      (5. from Sophie Parker in London). Which would you choose?

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