Summer Stylist Series || Go Vintage #2 with Miss Farfalla

Through our Summer Stylist Series this month, we're putting the focus on vintage clothing through our personal stylist Chris of Miss Farfalla!  Each week, Chris is taking into the world of vintage fashion by putting the spotlight on a certain time period.  Her first post took us to the Roaring 20's and she selected her items accordingly.  However, she doesn't stop there!  I love how Chris incorporates a little blurb to bring out the mood of the era and then finishes off with a song clip from that time period.  Now, we can really feel the vibe!  

This week, Chris takes us back in time to the 1930's!

"So the crash came and Gatsby died in the swimming pool and thank goodness for the WPA!

What to wear to that little job around the corner now that the parties over, Dear Working Girl... well this sweet set: cotton print frock, tilt top hat, whimsical butterfly handbag and those marvelous servicable shoes... perfect for standing behind the Woolworth 5 & 10 fragrance counter all day long."

Vintage 1930s Cotton Print Pocket Dress  ||  Rococo Vintage 
1930s Vintage Tilt Topper Hat  ||  Living Threads Vintage
1930's Vintage Beaded Purse  ||   Midnight Mart
30s Woven Oxford Shoes  ||  Jess James Jake

Song Clip:

"I work at the Palace Ball,
But gee, that palace is cheap.
When I get back to my chilly hallroom
I'm much too tired to sleep.
I'm one of those lady teachers,
A beautiful hostess you know,
The kind the palace features
At exactly a dime a throw.

Ten cents a dance,
That's what they pay me.
Gosh how they weigh me down..."

We'll see you here again next week as we explore yet another block of history through fashion!


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