Summer Stylist Series || Go Vintage with Miss Farfalla

Our Summer Stylist Series is a super fun way to get to know Etsy.  If you've always wanted a personal shopper to help you navigate the crowded waters of Etsy, then look no further!  This month, we're taking you inside the world of vintage with Chris of Etsy shop Miss Farfalla as our personal tour guide.  Chris has been selling her fine vintage clothing on Etsy since 2009, so she knows her way around and we're excited to follow along!  Each week she'll choose 4 items, share her comments on the inspiration and then she's finishing it off with a fragment of a popular song from that era.  How cool is that?

Her focus for this week lands on the wonderful, roaring 20s!  

"Oh the unstoppable 20s!  Just hop your Pierce Arrow to the nearest Speakeasy in this sweet set.  What a glorious Deco frock!  And those fabulous satin shoes!  Add the perfect little cloche, a sweet little crochet handbag, silk stockings, garters, bathtub gin and some 1928 Standard Oil stock (before crash)... and party on Jazz Babies!"

20s Silk Flapper Dress  ||  Le Mollusque
1920 Summer Hat  ||  Planet Claire Vintage
Vintage 1920s Crochet Purse  ||  4 Birds Vintage
Silk Deco 1920s Shoes  ||  Fab Gabs

Song Clip:

"Beware of frozen funds, ooh, ooh
Stocks and bonds, ooh, ooh
Dockside thugs, ooh, ooh
You'll get a pain and ruin your bankroll

Keep away from bootleg hooch
When you're on a spree
Oh, take good care of yourself
You belong to me"

We'll see you next week for another dive into the past with Chris' creative selections!

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