Father's Day Roundup!

Father's Day is just two short weeks away, so to help you out I have compiled some great finds for Dad.

Every Dad needs a cool tee and this one is from Blackbird Tees is perfect. Now your father will be hip!

Let's face it we all have smart phones, so why not have a cool place to store them when not in use, like this awesome concrete dock from fmc design.

Hats are back, but if you don't want Dad to wear a baseball cap, then this vintage plaid fedora will do the trick. Find it at Miss Farfalla.

Does your Dad have a "man cave"? If yes, then check out Luke Lamp Co, for these industrial lights.

This pill box, from Mmim, would be perfect to store his cufflinks!

Last, but not least, don't forget to get a card! I love this one by Wit and Whistle.

This Summer - Go Bohemian Chic!

Is the sun shining where you're at today?  Tomorrow is June 1st and although we've had what seems like weeks of cold and rainy weather in Maine - I am so ready for sun, shades, and shorts!  This summer, I'm thinking of funking things up with earrings.  I'm going for a cool and chilled out look with tight t-shirts and jeans.  Along with my favorite flip flops and topping off my look with some bold earrings.  Can you picture it?  I'm loving the shapes and colors of these earrings here - they all have a Bohemian flair to them and would fit my summer look with perfection!

What sort of outfit would you wear these earrings with this summer?

1.  Bohemia Swarovski Earrings || Peppermint Fix
2.  Bohemian Chandelier Earrings || Dark Ride
3.  Gypsy Turquoise Chandelier Earrings || Lunar Belle
4.  Lace Earrings Galatea || White Owl

Guest Stylist || Peiffer Studios

Each month we hold a Style Guide Challenge and our winner gets to be our Guest Stylist on Pinterest for the following month.  Brooke of Peiffer Studios was our April winner, so she has been pinning away all this month to share with us her fabulous sense of style. 

Brooke has amazing style and I love to see how anything from her shop could easily fit right in with what she has pinned.  Her collection has a dreamy quality that's both feminine and organic.

Fashion || Style
1. linen shirt from afewthingsfrommylife flickr
2. maxi dress from Vanessa Jackman 
3. outfit from freepeople.com

Etsy || Style
4. cigar box art by 88editions
5. deck chair by Gallant and Jones
6. french market basket from byloom and hyde
7. antique match safe by lux revival

I just want to jump into that lounge chair or perhpas take a dip in that pool. How about you?

Favorite || Spaces
8. botanical display via vtwonen.nl
9. the perfect lounge space image via the gifts of life tumblr
10. inspirational bath image via babble.com
11. bunkbeds image via ffffound.com

We want to thank Brooke with sharing her unique + beautiful style with us. It's always exciting to see our Guest Stylist boards.  Don't forget, if you see something you like, just pin it!

Pinterest || @peifferstudios
Guest Stylist Board || Peiffer Studios

Etsy Shop Introduction: Assaf Pelleg

left  Exotic Summer Dress
bottom  Oversized Summer Shirt
right  Pastel Summer Dress 

What are you wearing this summer?  If you're serious about looking amazing under the hot sun and are looking for something that is unique and defines your style - then it is a must that you check out Assaf's Etsy shop Assaf Pelleg!  Assaf is a fashion designer based out of Israel who's work is like sculpted fabric that is shaped and tailored to fit just right.  Assaf started his signature line back in 2004 and his style has always been defined by designs that were "clean and crisp, yet feminine - giving a sophisticated and refined look that was entirely new".

left Red Coral Summer Tshirt
right  Lace Dress in Black 

Each piece is handmade with attention to detail using "subtle fabric and color combinations, geometric elements, figure-flattering lines and dynamic, flow fabrics which give any woman a young, vibrant look".  What woman wouldn't like to add a little of that to their summer wardrobe this year?  Feminine and hip - reboot your summer look with Assaf's finely crafted line of women's clothing!

I've got my eye on that beautiful black lace dress!  What about you?

Inside Etsy Studio Visits || Creatiate

Sarah Kathryn, Washington D.C.

This month our Inside Etsy Studio Tour takes us to Northern Virginia.
Sarah Kathryn of Creatiate shares with us her workspace and what inspires her designs.


 Where is your studio located? 

My studio is in Northern Virginia, just west of Washington, DC. My husband, golden retriever pup Ollie and I moved to Virginia in October, and I am really enjoying getting inspired in DC- the memorials, monuments & museums have been a beautiful resource!

nature as inspiration, hand stamped gift tags, art print

How did you get started in your craft? What inspires you?

My start with stamp making was somewhat spontaneous. Having never tried creating stamps before, I ordered an array of materials from an online source and just tried them all. I fell in love with the simplicity of carving as well as the openness to design anything I could imagine.
Since I have been working in rubber stamps for several years, I have also been working on a line of hand-carved block prints inspired by quotes from my favorite classic literature. The line has been a long time in the making & I am very excited to add it into the mix soon!

Since moving to Virginia, I have been thrilled with the array of art museums & historic sites in the city. There is always something to do, somewhere to explore, new things to learn- and the architecture really fascinates me. My town has the added benefit of also being very close to the mountains & the wide open country, so I love being able to pull inspiration from both industrial and rural landscapes.

workspace, design process, ollie, stamps in process

 What are the top 3 tools that are most important in your craft?

When I started out in stamp making, I was hand drawing, transferring, carving & packaging each of my designs. I was (and still am) in love with the hand carving process. But after a grim diagnosis from a hand doctor, I added a Hobby Laser to my studio, and it has become a very important tool for me. The laser engraves my hand drawn, carved & stamped designs. While I was reluctant at first to add it into my daily work, I am really thrilled at how the laser is able to catch the little nuances that make the stamps handmade. It has expanded my business incredibly by allowing me to to spend more time designing, and as a bonus it saved my hands from certain doom!

My other two most important tools are very simple - a Micron pen that I do almost all my drawings with, and a notebook where I record all my new inspirations, drawings & thoughts. Both of these items are in constant use throughout the day and keep my mind on my ultimate goal: create more.

 Does music play a role in your creating or do you like to work in silence?

Music often plays a role in my creative process; while I draw I love listening to the Counting Crows or my favorite James Taylor radio station on Pandora radio. Other than drawing time, though, I have to work in complete silence or with a background movie that I have watched a zillion times before (think "Pride & Prejudice" or, more recently, the "Hunger Games"). Otherwise, I find that I spend too much brain power on singing along when I should be working!

What are the greatest rewards of creating something that is handmade?

For me, creating handmade has been an incredible process of getting to know myself & what I am really capable of, and I think that is something many other makers can relate to. Each day can be something entirely unique, without rules or restrictions, and this complete freedom is something most people don't get to experience very often. Best of all, I always love sharing the things that I make with others - spending time chatting with other makers & with customers is an awesome benefit of being in the handmade marketplace. 

Sarah Kathryn || Creatiate

Sexy in Black

Everyone has one and if you don't you need one. I am talking about the perfect little black dress. It's a staple in most women's wardrobes.  All you need to top it off is a jewelry ( for this look in silver) and a cute little clutch to hold just the necessities.
Your date night outfit dilemma has been resolved!

1.  Black Cocktail Mini Dress || Assaf Pelleg
2.  Melting Snow Sterling Silver Art Ring || lolide
3.  Starburst Petals Clutch Bag || Ruby Red Rose
4.  Hammered Sterling Silver Earrings || o bliss jewellery

Style By || the Vintage Vogue

Having a shop on Etsy is like a gateway into your own personal style.  Everything you do with your shop from photographs, to your shop banner, your product descriptions, and what you sell is all about you.  That also holds true for the collections or treasuries we create.  Creating a 16 item treasury is a fun way to show off our style. This month I am spotlighting Charlotte of the Vintage Vogue.  Her own personal style is vintage modern and she loves to create things of beauty, simplicity and craft. Take a look at her shop and then check out her curated collections. You won't be disappointed by her amazing eye for style!


« Fly Away With Me » 
1. Birch Moon ▲ late night drawing
2. Scallop Necklace ▲ A Quiet Curiosity
3. Black Sculptural Planter ▲ L & M Studio
4. Hand painted Brooch ▲ teconlene
5. Origami Crane Magnets  ▲ Havok Designs
6. 4x6 Art Print  ▲ Yellow Heart Art

« On The Street Where You Live »
1. 8x10 Photography Print  ▲ Pure Nature Photos
2. Snug Vase Low ▲ Snug Studio
3. Mid Century Table Lamp  ▲  Project Sarafan
4. Vintage White and Gold Frame  ▲ all things white
5. Wooden Birdhouse ▲ The Bird on the Tree
6. Southern Charm Photography Print ▲ Eye Poetry Photography

« Shake It Like A Polaroid Picture »
1. Hand printed pillow  ▲ melongings studio
2. ruched camera strap cover  ▲ Bluebird Chic
3. knit dress ▲ naftul
4. Paris Metro 8x10 print ▲ The Paris Print Shop
5. Vintage Camera Gallymogger Shoppe
6. Dove Print ▲ The Haunted Hollow Tree

Our May Etsy Style Guide Challenge Winner IS...

Cup Fungus Ring - Deep brown...

Vintage Seafans Set of 4 Nav...

Empty Nest Neutral Still Lif...

Edible Oyster Shells -Chocol...

Organic Tree Branch Ring Ste...

Shabby Chic Embroidered Doil...

5 whole fossil barnacles (no...

Mini Lavender Bath Salt tube...

Nature Photography 8x10, Bro...

giant chestnut bowl, art bow...

Littleneck Clam Porcelain Bo...

White textured porcelain dou...

Infinity felted Scarf Versat...

silver wedding band set, cor...

Multi Colour Rod Ceramic Nec...

Cream Crochet Dress - Cinder...

This month our theme was "Are you ready for Summer?" We wanted to see how creative our curators could be and they didn't disappoint.  Choosing a winner never gets easy, but this natural + textural collection by Grace of Etsy shop Trees 4 the Wood, won us both over.  With a neutral color palette the textures of the collection just draw you in with a beautifully earthy mix. Congratulations Grace on such a stunning collection!


We had over 80 Style Guide submissions this month and we love to see how each person interpret's our theme. Even though we can only have one winner, we love to share with you some of our favorite collections from the challenge.

What is more summer-like than bees + flowers? It's just one of those combinations that makes you think of summer in the garden or strolling through a park. I think Karo of Karo Art  pulled it all together just perfectly. When I am working in the garden I love listening to the hum of the bees as the move from flower to flower. This collection really feels like a true slice of Summer.

Porcelain Tulip Ring with wi...

Brown Rust Patina Brass Bee ...

white house for Solitary bee...

Decorative Pillow Cover hydr...

peony flowers gray small pri...

Vintage Beehive Boxes Photo ...

Vintage flower bobbie pins, ...

Bee photography, hive photo,...

2 Brown Paper Machet Bird Ho...

Brown Paper Shreds

Bee and Bee Hive Cookie Cutt...

Recycled Brown Paper Origam...

Bee Hive Necklace ... Honey ...

vintage brown corduroy sleev...

Gold flower studs, stud earr...

Bird Illustration, Ink on Br...

This collection by Kelly of 88editions, night blooming jasmine, has a really special meaning to me. I don't know if you have ever smelled jasmine at night, but it's my absolute favorite smell in the world. The variety of jasmine I have blooms from early May until the end of June. When I first smelled it on a trip to Florida I knew that I had to place it in the new garden I was building. It starts to come alive around dusk and the smell is enchanting. This collection really makes me excited about Summer and reminds of the wonderful nights spent outside with friends and family.

women hair accessory, Dark g...

Night Photo. Starry sky Phot...

Porcelain Rose Ring with wid...

Mason Jar Lighting Glass Lam...

Monster Repellent and Monste...

Exotic Jasmine Perfume Sampl...

The Dark Fairy 2

Bibliophile Garland - A Mids...

Verbena Water, Cologne Exper...

Navy Blue Fashion T Shirt - ...

Fiber Art Clutch Purse Nuno ...

Buttercups, Fine Art 8x 10 P...

Nyx. Blackened Quartz Crysta...

PURPLE PANSY - Vintage magic...

SALE - Firefly - Neverland -...

Stream at night. 24x16.

I am not yet lucky enough to have my own Summer cottage, but with Jill of Be Something New's sweet collection, I feel like I do. Don't you just want to pack up the car and drive until you get to a cottage that looks like this? Just add a hammock, some lemonade and some R and R. Are you ready?


Nature Heart Photograph Phot...

Funny Art Print Home is wher...

Little sculptural mushroom b...

FREE SHIPPING Gilded 24k Gol...

Air Plant Cube Planter // Wh...

Talent Magnet Set - Owl Refr...

Vintage Set of Four Pewter M...

20 White floral flower hand...

French vintage enamel coffee...

Two Small Vintage Dainty Edg...

Vintage Beehive Boxes Photo ...

Six Pane Wood Window Frame R...

Painted Cottage Chic Shabby ...

He and She (art print A4) V...

Bodacious - Mixed Media Asse...

Everything in this collection is just plain pretty. You want to look at every little detail and they all work so well together. I just love the idea of putting a fresh flower in your hair, it's so Summer Chic. Maria of O Bliss Jewellery really captured the essence of Summer.

Friend to Animals Warmers

Vintage Set of Four Pewter M...

Porcelain Rose Ring with wid...

Vintage 1950s Dress - Olive ...

Laced White Handmade Little ...

Flower headband with vintage...

Lace Bracelet - Imogen in Pa...

Minicyn Victorian Floral Arc...

Aida's Farm Dress

Rustic Princess Stacking Rin...

Romantic Floral Dress Blouse...

Woodland fabric flower hair ...

Rose Earrings in dark grey

Handmade mint silk flower he...

Liberty of London Grey/Green...

Heart magnet shabby chic cot...

As a tradition, we always highlight a collection by the talented Jenn of Palimpsestic. She always has amazing style, titles, whimsy, well just about everything when it comes to putting together a fabulous treasury.  This month she did not disappoint! First of all, the title is perfect and then it does make you feel like you are looking at a daydream of Summer, with a nod to camping and being in the great outdoors. Well done Jenn!

Barnacle porcelain pendant. ...

Photograph Pink Lake Sunset ...

burlap teepee tent photo pro...

Vintage Wool Blanket Plaid B...

Were You Whistling at Me - V...

camping stool vintage

the Spruce - plush wool tree...

Leather Mountain Wallet

Push On - large, 5x7" h...

Personalized Postcards From ...

Rustic Mountain Photograph 8...

Hands-Free Hiking Pouches

Coaco Linen Unisex Wrap Cap

Comfy Rustic Cedar Chair for...

Vintage Moccasins Suede Boot...

Gypsy Boho Macrame Hippie Be...

We will back in a June with another Style Guide Challenge. Don't forget that our winner, Grace, will be our Guest Stylist on Pinterest for the month of June. We want to thank everyone that participated and don't forget to check out their amazing Style Guides!

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