Freshen Up & Get Ready for Spring!

1.   To Market Shopper Bag by Cloth and INK
2.  Colombian Emerald Ring by Erin Jane Designs
3.  Red Petal Watercolor by Louise Art Studio
4.  White Porcelain Bird House by M & L Studio 

I went outside on the back porch yesterday with my bare feet and even though it was quite chilly, I felt the coming of spring.  To help welcome in that energy, I've selected 4 items from some of my favorite Etsy shops.  Helen of Cloth & INK recently listed her new shopper tote bag in her swallow fabric.  I love that it was designed with shopping at local farmer's markets in mind and it's made me feel so anxious for the outdoor markets to start up again!  Next, I just want to live inside the gorgeous milky minty color of the Colombian emerald ring by Erin of Erin Jan Designs.  I have a pair of Erin's morganite stud earrings (which by the way Erin, I love!) and know that Erin's designs embrace such a simple and elegant feminine quality.  I would probably wear her ring, like my earrings, all the time too!    Keeping in line with the modern lines that I love, I chose this watercolor painting by Louise of Louise Art Studio.  Her use of a limited color palette really unifies this lovely piece and is perfect for welcoming back spring!  Finally, one of the things that really lifts my heart in the spring is the return of all the birds.  Who would object to this beautiful porcelain bird house by Meg and Luce of M & L Studio?   Actually, forget the birds - I want to move in!

Happy "it's almost spring" Everyone!



  1. Lovely, thank you for the feature! I'm so ready for Spring, Colorado keeps teasing us with it and then snowing again.

  2. It's snowing here today in Maine, too! But I hear you, Helen - totally ready for spring as well!

  3. Ahhh, this is such a lovely, happy mix! Thank you for the feature and so glad you are enjoying your studs!!


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