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1. lunette vintage
2. kathi roussel
3. one forty three
Each month we hold a Style Guide Challenge where we curate amazing collections around a seasonal theme. The winner of our challenge becomes our Guest Pinner or Stylist for the upcoming month.  Last month our winner was Aki of Oktak, but she passed on her win to Nanako of Pig and Fish. As the leaders of the Elite 16 it's kind of hard to choose yourself as a winner, but due to Aki's generosity we are know lucky enough to see Nanako's amazing sense of style through her pinterest board.

I have highlighted a few of her Etsy favorites and I have to say they are now some of my favorites, too!
Everything fits so well together. This grouping has an airy quality about and is definitely very minimal, but has a warmth and glow throughout.

4. buttermoths
5. nata fashion
6. jen fashion
7. papa totoro

Nanako definitely has a cohesive and refined sense of style when it comes to her favorite spaces. Clean lines, white walls, warm wood tones and natural elements ( plants + organic shapes) with pop's of color. Who wouldn't want to jump into any of these spaces?

8. shannon fricke via
9. pippa jameson via decor8
10. rosario carmona via la factoria plastica
11. jon and nina hans via design sponge

Verna Rose cottage and gardens on Arrowsic Island, Maine

Another common element that I couldn't help but notice and love was her recurring theme of cut flowers.  Having been lucky enough to visit Nanako's guest cottage, Verna Rose, in Maine I know that she loves flowers and has them completely surrounding the whole property. In the Spring and Summer she could definitely recreate these floral masterpieces at home. 

12. wild goose chase via flickr
13.  beach cottage look via
14.  1012 terra
Don't you want to start repinning right now? 
A big thanks to Nanako for sharing her eye for style with us! 

Pinterest || @PigandFish


  1. Just lovely, I feel we have similar tastes in the spaces we love. The cottage gardens remind me of England. Great post!

  2. Thank you so much for this gorgeous spread, Amber! So beautifully curated and loved seeing little Verna Rose appear as well! xo Nanako


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