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gathered skirt with pockets

A picture is worth a thousand words or so the saying goes. That's the first thing that draws you into Hannah's shop, Let's Backtrack, her amazing photographs. Each one gives you insight into her love for times past, especially the 1920's-40's. 

From her rural New York home, she lovingly sews all her designs on a Husqvarna sewing machine and keeps her patterns in a vintage suitcase.  Not only does she make vintage inspired clothing, you will also see her wearing them as well. While quite aware of today's pop culture and the latest trends, she would much rather crank up her Edison phonograph or indulge in a 1930's classic movie. 

Through Let's Backtrack, Hannah has created a delightful vintage world, every piece made in the present yet celebrating the best of the past. 

blue leather necklace pouch
folk art gathered skirt
retro turquoise dress

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