Back to School - Dorm Decor

With the flipping of the calendar from July into August the weather starts to shift more towards the cooler days of fall and summer slowly starts to wind down.  I didn't say "summer ends" - no way!  There are still plenty of days left for skinny dipping in the lake.  The focus, however, does turn over to back to school as many begin gearing up with backpacks and sharp pencils.  Whether you're getting ready to head back to college or getting the little ones ready for school, our team of curators have been putting together styled Etsy shopping guides to help you out!  You can see the whole list right here.

The images above were compiled from a gorgeous dorm room focused shopping guide curated by the lovely Jillian of Jillian Rene Decor - she's put together 16 cool items, so be sure to check out the entire collection by clicking here!

1.  Bamboo Puzzle Laptop Stand  ||  Green Tuna Design
2.  Natural Round Wall Clock  ||  Color Time by Lairam
3.  Pair of 1950's Lamps  ||  Project Sarafan
4.  Wall Mount Modern Mail Holder  ||  Red Tile Studio


  1. Gorgeous dorm room for sure! thank you for including my lamps!

  2. I only wish my dorm room had been this cool! Thanks for the feature:)


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