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With the increasing popularity of Etsy, there is more of a demand to have a way to connect with quality shops.  That's where we come in!  As a team of shop owners, we've come together to bring you Inside Etsy and introduce you to all of our favorite shops.  We do this through curating mini shopping guides with 16 items - a fantastic way to find new items without having the search through 135, 644 search results when searching on Etsy!  Every month, we hold a Style Guide Challenge where we curate our collections around a certain theme.  This month, we jumped into summer with It's Hot - you can see all our shopping guides right here!  The items above were part of a beautiful collection by Amber of Red Tile Studio titled Hot and Spicy Dip.  Make shopping on Etsy fun and be sure to check out all our styled shopping guides and get ready to rediscover Etsy!


Ombre Geometric Mint Pillow  ||  Nirwa
Coral Vines Vintage Inspired Purse  ||  Cloth and INK
Modern Geometric Quilt  ||  Geometric Electric

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  1. It was so fun creating this collection. Thanks for sharing it!


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