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I am currently building a home and so my head is currently full of design ideas. Trying to figure out the stain for the wood floors, the perfect countertops that won't be dated ten years from now ( are there any?), and a cabinet style I won't regret.  I feel so lucky to be getting to choose all these things for the whole house, that also includes all the design elements, like pendant lights.

I am not a crystal chandelier kind of person, I like my home design elements simple, modern and classic . I really love pieces that have an organic feel and geometric shapes.  When building a house it's important to find those design pieces that really make it your home and a perfect way to do that is with your lighting.  Here are a few samples of my favorite pendant lights on Etsy. Maybe some of these will end up in my new home.  What's your favorite?

Modern Pendant Lights

1. brass pendant || The Vintage Vogue
2. hector- birchwood pendant || envelamp
3. faceted globe pendants || Raw Dezign
4. concrete pendant || fmc design
5. walnut pendant || dylan grey
6. industrial pendant || Luke Lamp Co.
7. copper pendant || Khalima


  1. I am partial to number 1 ... hehehe... but these are all lovely selections. How fun (and yet somewhat daunting) to be building your own home! Can't wait to see how it comes together :)

  2. I think the first one is a perfect accent for the geometric design that you were planning for your house. Anyway, I’m curious as to which among them had won your heart. Keep us posted!

    Eleanor Roy @ Douthit Electrical

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