Summer Stylist Series #1 || Cinne Worthington

It's summer and that means it's time to get your groove ON!  Let's not waste another moment trying to navigate through Etsy's search system - you don't need to suffer another 503,478 hit search result!  We're here to help make shopping on Etsy both easy and joyful.  Sound fun?  Oui!

Get your AC's ready because we're about to turn up the heat with our new Summer Stylist Series!  That's right - check out our first outfit picked by our guest stylist for this month Cinne of Etsy shop by Cinne Worthington!  Cinne is the master of combining different prints and colors as seen in her handmade silk scarves, so it's no surprise that her sense of style is equally fabulous!  Outfit #1 was inspired by Nichole's Paris Photograph and the digital print skirt by Fabitoria - Cinne's picks would be a perfect match for the fashionable streets of Paris, don't you think?  Cute and hip with the right dash of eclectic makes for a super fun way to dress it up this summer.  Now - a big round of applause for Cinne because she just saved you 9 hours of searching Etsy by hand picking items for you!

Want more of Cinne's awesome fashion picks?  Make sure to follow her Pinterest board and we'll be highlighting a different outfit hand selected by Cinne each week.  But wait - there is MORE!  When week #4 rolls around, we'll be asking you to tell us your favorite out of the 4!   Stay tuned for details because it will involve one lucky winner receiving a $20 gift card to Etsy!  

Outfit #1
TRUELIFE by guest stylist Cinne of by Cinne Worthington

See you back here next week!


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