Fresh Five || Fresh Shops

Our main goal is to bring you the best and brightest on Etsy.  We also want to showcase the latest or "freshest" finds, so that's why we have created the Fresh Five. The Fresh Five will be five items that are new to a shop + share a common theme.  This month's theme is Fresh Shops, with our youngest + freshest shop at just two months old and the oldest at a little over a year.  The first six months to a year are so crucial to a new shop, so let's show these great shops some love, if you like their items or shop give them a heart!

Fresh Five || Fresh Shops
1. 11x14 print 'waiting for winter' || Avey Christiansen
2. planted pocket journal || POWpourri
3. ticking pillows || tribute 212
4. wooden birdhouse || The Bird on the Tree
5. zig zag fold over clutch || Geometric Electric


  1. thanks guys!

    fresh fresh fresh indeed!

    awesome picks - thrilled to be part of it :)

  2. Thank you so much for the feature ladies - the blog looks as gorgeous as always!

    xoxo - Brandi


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