Summer Stylist Series #4 || Cinne Worthington

Outfit #4 by guest stylist Cinne of by Cinne Worthington

Floppy Straw Hat || Preston & Olivia
Layered Strand Bracelet || Dark Ride
Book Art Collage || Magpie Workshop
Vintage 60s Tank Top || Thriftage
1960s Mod Flower Pants || Miss Farfalla
90s Round Sunglasses || THAYER eyewear
APHRODITE leather wedges || Bali ELF
Hand Stitched Leather Tote (in green)  || Caramel

We've been having so much fun with our guest stylist Cinne of by Cinne Worthington for the past 3 weeks and Outfit #4 is another crowd pleaser!  We'll be doing a visual recap of Cinne's previous 3 selections so that you can share your most FAV outfit in the comments!

So - which of Cinne's outfits is going to be your favorite?  Such a tough call!  In this week's ensemble, Cinne helps us get our retro-hip-modern groove ON.  Each outfit is inspired by an item and if you had to guess - which item would you say got her creative juices flowing?  Did you guess the bookmark art collage?  You got it!  You can see the cross over here and how Cinne draws upon the colors and floral motif, but then she mixes it up by going clean and modern with her handbag selection.  Super fun!  This look has such a clean feel about it that touches upon the vintage, but keeps it fresh with her accessory selections.  Once again, Cinne adds her magical eye for color and pattern combinations to yet another smashing and funky outfit!  

Don't forget that each item is available for sale on Etsy!  Connect with new shops and find some cool items which would literally take you ages to find through Etsy's overloaded searches.  Cinne has amazing style and we want you to connect with her finds, so make sure you follow her Pinterest Board for some stylish inspiration!



Onto a recap of the other 3 outfits!

Outfit #1
TRUELIFE by guest stylist Cinne of by Cinne Worthington



We look forward to seeing which outfit you select and a BIG, BIG, BIG Thank You to Cinne for sharing her eye for style with us for the whole month!  We've had a blast!


  1. Love your boards, Cinne! Thank you for including my bracelet!

  2. Thanks so much Cinne! Love all your picks - so full of flair. Thanks for including my collage.


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