Celebrating the 4th in Style

buntingHeidi Adnum
vintage ticking pillowLovintage Finds
picnic blanketSewn Natural
top knot headbandSeven White Rabbits

The event of every Summer is hands down the 4th of July.  The quintessential 4th celebration includes at least one of the following:  a long weekend, barbecue and/or grilling out, picnic's, road trips, family, fireworks and the stars and stripes.  My favorite 4th's have always been spent with my family, usually outside with some sparklers and good food.

To get you prepped for the upcoming festivities I picked out some fun red, white and blue finds. How will you celebrate this year?

navy and white topBroken Ghost Clothing
striped toteBayan Hippo
vintage american flagbonn bonn


  1. Awesome, looks great. thanks for including my top:)

  2. Wonderful selections for the 4th! Thank you so much for including me!


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