This Summer - Go Bohemian Chic!

Is the sun shining where you're at today?  Tomorrow is June 1st and although we've had what seems like weeks of cold and rainy weather in Maine - I am so ready for sun, shades, and shorts!  This summer, I'm thinking of funking things up with earrings.  I'm going for a cool and chilled out look with tight t-shirts and jeans.  Along with my favorite flip flops and topping off my look with some bold earrings.  Can you picture it?  I'm loving the shapes and colors of these earrings here - they all have a Bohemian flair to them and would fit my summer look with perfection!

What sort of outfit would you wear these earrings with this summer?

1.  Bohemia Swarovski Earrings || Peppermint Fix
2.  Bohemian Chandelier Earrings || Dark Ride
3.  Gypsy Turquoise Chandelier Earrings || Lunar Belle
4.  Lace Earrings Galatea || White Owl

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