Garden Prep 101 || Start Planting!

If you are a gardener at heart, then this time of year is probably your favorite. I am lucky enough to live in a climate where we can actually start seeing blooms as early as the last week of February. That means we have about eight good months to get our hands dirty and tend to our gardens.  One of my favorite Spring activities is making the multiple trips to various nurseries.  I love looking for new plants to tuck into spaces, searching for the perfect organic fertilizer and just getting inspired by nature. 

Etsy has so many garden goodies it was hard to choose what I wanted to share with you. I wanted to focus on getting ready to garden, which actually takes a lot of work, but is well worth the results if you prep your beds and get all your supplies before you start digging! 

My Garden Prep 101 choices:
1. Ceramic Garden Markers || Orly Design
2. Ceramic Bird House || L & M Studio
3. Heirloom Seed Kit || Sarah Rainwater Design
4. Garden Melodies Print || Created by Storm
5. Waxed Canvas Garden Tote || Artifact Bags
6. Organic Herbal Salve || Roots Soap Co. 
7. Chalkboard Pots || One December
8. Air Plant Terrarium || Sea and Asters


  1. Absolutely lovely finds! As a horticulturalist, Spring is absolutely my favorite time of year! I am already enjoying watching my seedlings pop up! I can't get enough of Etsy's garden goodies! There is something for everyone!
    Thank you for including my garden tools painting in this beautiful crop

  2. Love this collection!! Definitely time for planting. Thank you for featuring my herb markers in this beautiful collection.


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