Crushing on the Brass Tones!

1. Vintage Mid Century Lighting by Project Sarafan
2.  Big Brass Letter N or U by Monki Vintage
3.  Blur Bubbles Golden Ring by La Chica de los Anillos
4.  Modern Chandelier Earrings by lolide 

Brass.  Golden and earthy - I'm diggin' it!  Lately, I've really been into brass tones and the warmth of of this metal's color.  With a darker edge than gold, brass has a natural feel and goes great with a look that is modern, yet fluid and easy.  Perfect for those who want to dress up their decor with a pop of golden tones or those who want to add the richness of brass to their accessories.  I've been playing with brass toned accessories for some new summer outfits - linen pants, light t-shirt and some geometric brass earrings make for an organic look!

How will you add brass to your life - home decor or fashion accessory?  Do tell!


  1. Cool finds! Love these and so beautifully displayed.

  2. This post looks so beautiful and impressive! well, just like all your posts Nanako!
    thank you for featuring my lamp!

  3. Great!!! Thank you very much!!!


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