Colorful Spring Fashion

1. 1960s Pastel Tunic Dress by zwzzy
2. Wool Felt Purse by Loft Full of Goodies
3. Sky Blue Chalcedony Gen Earrings by Caprichosa Jewelry
4. Spring Tote Bag by Bayan Hippo

I received my copy of Better Homes and Gardens the other day and on the cover it states, "Easy, Livable COLOR".  The words are set against an image of beautiful purple, pink and brown tones which made my spring fever go zoom!  I shared some of my Etsy spring picks in my post on Monday and I'm continuing that spring color trend with today's fashion selections!  Using zwzzy's ultra cute 1960's tunic dress as a starting point, I pulled together some items that pick up the colors in this dress.  The solid purple pink color of Vildan's handmade spring tote bag accents the pastel pink flowers without distracting from the delicate floral design of the dress.  I thought this outfit called for earrings that dangle, so I've selected these handwoven beauties from Mireille of Caprichosa Jewelry with their sky blue gems - delicious!  Finishing off my accessorizing, I picked out this modern felt purse by Natta of Loft Full of Goodies as I'm a real fan of little pouches and purses—you can never have too many!  It's still winter in Maine, but by golly - I'm ready for spring!



  1. so lovely! these are totally getting me in the mood for Spring :)

  2. I agree - it's been rainy and gray all day, so the thought of spring is a very welcome thought today!


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