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When you hear the word concrete, your first impression might be a city job site where the men wear yellow hardhats, cranes are moving material, jackhammers are pounding away + concrete is being mixed in a big drum.  But move over concrete structures + foundations - you no longer have to stare at your foundation to enjoy the beauty of concrete in the home.  This commonly used construction material has different formulas to create different finishes + is actually very beautiful.  Holly of Etsy shop StudioHR has harnessed this stone-like quality of cement in her sculptural home decor items.  Using a formulation that results in a smooth finish, Holly then seals her concrete sculptures + finalizes the work with a round of beeswax for added protection.  Holly transforms this sometimes rough material into functional pieces of art that you can enjoy everyday!

Important Links:
Facebook : StudioHRConcrete
Twitter: @HReese75
Shop: Studio HR


  1. welcome- so glad you've joined us!!! love your shop

  2. Welcome Holly! Awesome shop - I just love those coasters!

    1. So happy to have you and your great little shop here, Holly!!!


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