Celebrating the Fourth of July | Etsy in Red, White and Blue

As I get older, the Fourth of July has changed, or maybe I have just grown up.  When I was a kid the 4th was all about picking out fireworks at the pop-up stands just outside the city limits. It just wasn't the same if you didn't have some sparklers and black snakes and of course something that made a little noise.  The idea of it being the birthday of your country really doesn't resonate when you are a child that just wants to cool off in the pool.  Now as I am older, I have a better understanding of the 4th and I am proud of the old Red, White and Blue. Happy 236th Birthday America!

My Red, White and Blue picks:
1. three amigurumi hearts | Sabahnur
2. vintage scarf | Thrush
3. summer clutch | mama bleu designs
4. flag- wall mount vases | Pig & Fish
5. independence day picture frame | Mmim
6. nautical brights linen collection | giardino
7. rabbit in stars papercut card | mimimi cards
8. beach bag | bayan hippo

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