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tribal triangles stamp set
hello stamp
ultimate tribal stamp set
olive branch stamp

You've probably come across a time or two, the person who swears to you that they are not creative.  The line usually goes, "Oh - I so wish I were creative like you, but I don't have a creative bone in my body!".  You know who we're talking about, right?  Or are you one of those people?  Well, we feel that everyone has the potential to a creative person + we're about to show you a super easy way to get some creative juices flowing!  Meet Sarah Kathryn of Etsy shop creatiate + let's get started with the power of stamping!  Sarah Kathryn currently offers 155 rubber stamps with her hand carved designs, ranging from fun geometric shapes to personalized initials.  Stamping is so easy + puts a dash of creative spice to any project - oh, and did we mention it's F.U.N!  (Do you remember playing with potato stamps when you were little?)  Sarah Kathryn takes the mystery out of being creative + literally puts the joy of creating right at your fingertips.  So, are you ready to 'satiate' the urge to 'creatiate'?     

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