An Introduction: Etsy Shop branchbound

(from top to bottom)
lace bracelet in mustard
lace headband in teal 
neon yellow feather earrings
black lace bow bobby pins

It's spring + it's time to freshen things up!  Are you ready for a new look?  You don't have to go out + spend a lot of money on a new wardrobe, but you do have to put away your winter clothes first!  Instead, we're going to focus on new jewelry + accessories because have you ever noticed how the right piece can become a focal point + transform your whole look?   But we're not talking about any old piece, but rather something that is unique + eye catching.  We found just the shop to fit the bill on Etsy!  Sarah Louise of Etsy shop branchbound uses the beautiful shapes in lace combined with colorful dyes to create unique pieces of jewelry + accessories.  She transforms snippets of lace into bold, yet simply stated signature pieces that are modern + so chic!  Dress up those jeans + t-shirts you love to wear with a pair of neon yellow feather earrings + you've got a fresh new look.   Dandy!   Sarah Louise has 181 items for you to get lost in - which will become your new FAV?

Want to learn more?
Etsy Shop:


  1. lovely shop, so glad you have joined us !!!

  2. So lovely! I love the little bow pins!

  3. Thank you for the lovely feature and warm welcome! I'm so happy to be part of this team. :D

  4. Welcome to the team Sarah Louise!

  5. Wow - great shop! I'm in love with the Josephine earrings ♥

  6. SO thrilled to have you with us! Welcome aboard! :)


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