Spring Critters - Who Do You See in the Backyard?

1. Vintage Spring Bird $21.99 by Anna Lou Vintage
2. 5 x 5 White Rabbit Art Block $29 by Red Tile Studio
3. Ceramic Blue Dragonfly Square Tray $18 by Catherine Reece
4. Hedgehog Stud Earrings $20 by Studio By The Forest
5. Pink Butterfly Pouch $32 by Mama Bleu Designs
6. Amigurumi Bumble Bees $20 by Sabahnur

Do you hear the birds chirping?  See the little white bunny coming out for some fresh air after a long winter?  Granted this year's winter, rather 'winta' as we say it here in Maine, was super mild and we only had to shovel a handful of times - can't complain - it always feels great to say goodbye to one season + transition into the other.  'Sayonara' short days, dark skies at 4pm + cold weather as we dive right into spring.   One of the first things I notice here in Maine, a real sign that spring is here, are the birds.  They're out singing, flying here + there, making new homes and I love how they're just enjoying themselves - we could learn a lot from these wise creatures!  The chickadees are the first birds I notice + it got me thinking about all the wonderful critters who visit each year come spring.

So, I went to some of my favorite Etsy shops to see what critters might pop up - who's ready to help me celebrate spring?  You don't have to be a nature lover to love these cute finds.  From crochet bumble bees to dragonfly trays, hedgehog earrings to rabbit art blocks, butterfly pouches to vintage birds - we've covering a lot of ground!  The studio here in Maine attracts a ton of dragonflies of all different shapes + colors - they're such beautiful little creatures!  What about you?  What critters do you see in your backyard come spring?



  1. The hummingbirds start coming around the bird feeders again in the spring. Thanks for the feature!!

  2. I saw my first hummingbird of spring yesterday. Being in Florida all our furry creatures are out and about all year 'round. We have some amazing birds that leave to go north in the spring, but in exchange we get hummingbirds, swallowtail kites, and more butterflies than you can count! Thank you for including my hedgehogs!

  3. Laura + Anna - I love hummingbirds! They come visit us here in Maine too - which is such a treat because they're amazing little birds! We're still warming up here in Maine, but the birds are definitely singing + playing!

  4. I'm so looking forward to the humming birds and butterflies returning... I love watching them as I water my garden.
    I love your finds, Nanako! I recently purchased one of the custom butterfly pouches, from mama bleu, for my goddaughter's birthday. It's pink and green (her favorite colors) and has her name stitched in the design - it's absolutely PRECIOUS!

  5. I just love this! I have been enjoying watching all the birds return to the yard. I have a new birdfeeder and just got
    my fountain turned back on for Spring. Thanks Nanako!

  6. Thank you so much the post is great!
    I love spring animals and the green leaves on the trees!
    Happy spring everybody

  7. Lovely! We see many birds who come and mess up my plants! : )


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