Grapefruit and Brown Sugar: A Winning Spring Recipe

1.  Grapefruit Mineral Blush by Naked Elements
2. Breakfast Bar Soap by Blushie
3. Vintage 1970's wrap skirt by Fab Gabs
Brown Sugar:
1. Botanica Watercolor by Francesca Lancisi
2. Arrow patterned knit pillow by Knit Frekkles
3. Khaki Stripe Infinity Scarf by Seven White Rabbits
How do you find inspiration? I used to flip through magazines, tear out my favorite rooms and products and then when I had free time I would organize them into design notebooks. I say used to because those precious magazines have almost all gone digital. So what's a design junkie to do? One word: Pinterest! ( Follow our Inspiration Boards)

 I was browsing through Pinterest and saw a recipe for broiled grapefruit with brown sugar and ginger. Pinterest is one of those sites that you can easily get lost in for hours and I love using for my personal inspiration board. In this case, I took that recipe idea and translated it into a Spring color collection of soft peachy pinks and khaki brown. This sweet and sour mix really look scrumptious together and make for a fresh Spring combination.  Find these items on our Grapefruit + Brown Sugar board. 


  1. Absolutely love what you've done here with the images Amber - what a beautiful post! Love it!

  2. lovely post !!! that pillow was in my favorites the moment it came out.

  3. Gorgeous Amber, I love the colours fading to neutral.
    Thank you for including my cushion.
    I'm obsessed with Pinterest too for the same reason.

  4. So very gorgeous post,
    love these matching colors.
    Thanks for including my watercolour painting!

  5. So gorgeous! Thanks so much for the include. :)

  6. So fresh! love this post, great items for spring

  7. I love the items you've put together...also made me want some grapefruit :)

  8. Lovely!

    here's a new T gift guide


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