Tea + Cereal

Top Two Sunny Yellow Porcelain Bowls by Suite One Studio
Bottom Left Blue Celadon Porcelain Cup Set by Maine Kiln Works
Bottom Right Vintage Modern Teapot by all things white

Like many of you, I have my morning routines.  I always begin my day with a cup of herbal tea - lately I've been hooked on Roasted Dandelion Root tea.  It's rich, earthy + a wonderful way to begin the day with a little liver detox!  When I came across theses translucent blue celadon glaze cups by Maine Kiln Works, I suddenly had a desire to elevate my everyday mug of tea into an experience of beauty.  I can almost feel the silky finish and weight of the cup in my hands as I go to take that first sip of hot tea.  My tea drinking ritual, however, would not be complete without a proper teapot.  The clean + simple lines of this vintage modern teapot found in Etsy shop all things white would finish this morning ritual off nicely ...  can you hear the sound of the tea being poured into the porcelain celdon cup?  

Now, you might expect me to say that eating cereal is another one of my morning routines, but I hardly ever eat cereal for breakfast.  Cereal is my evening 'go to' snack.  A beautiful vessel is so important no matter what item it is to contain - even cereal deserves luxury.  But really, any excuse to purchase one of Suite One Studio's porcelain pieces works for me!  I think there is something to be said about surrounding oneself + interacting with items of beauty daily - I feel it can completely change your experience of life.  

What are your thoughts on beauty?


  1. perfect breakfast reading! so honored to see my teapot here!

  2. I am not a tea person, but I do love to have coffee in the morning.
    Gorgeous picks!

  3. I absolutely agree, Nanako. If I had my way, I would never bring anything into my house that I didn't find beautiful. As I have a limited budget and live with (and love!) people whose sense of beauty differs from mine, that's not always possible, but it's still something I strive for. What a difference that makes in how you approach life and acquisition!

  4. I'm an Earl Grey girl, I start every morning with it. I love the lemon bowls.

  5. This is fantastic! I agree ladies, everything should be beautiful - not just functional. What a wonderful way to start each day!


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