Neon: Spring 2012 Trend

As we head into another Spring, I am always excited about the latest trends. One fun and bright new thing in the fashion world is NEON.  For some of us old enough to remember the 80's, neon in fashion is nothing new, but it is FUN!  My suggestion would be to add it to your home or fashion routine in small doses. A little bit of neon can go
a long way, but it can make a fabulous statement piece. The best part is that it comes in all the Spring colors like pink, green, blue, yellow and purple.  You could love this trend so much it might get you digging up an old pair of jellies and some fingerless gloves (think early Madonna). Go bright, go bold, but most importantly have fun with this trend.

My Neon picks:
1. Handmade pendant lamp in Lime Green from Filigree Creations 
2. Kiwi Garden Soap by Blushie
3. Messenger Bag in Apple Green from Bayan Hippo
4. Upcycled Bohemian Tunic by Broken Ghost Couture
5. Butterfly Clutch by Mama Bleu Designs
6. Colored Dots Frame by Mmim


  1. Oh yes, I remember the 80's!! Love this post Amber - great theme + picks!

  2. you know what they always say, "what comes around goes around". great post Amber! it's fun to see my butterfly pouch here!

  3. I'm loving the 80's flash back!! Thanks for including my frame in the post!

  4. I've always loved neon! Great blog post...thanks for featuring my top:)

  5. Great picks Amber! If I'd only kept my 'Choose Life' t-shirt I'd be set :)

  6. I love it sooo much!!
    Thank you!
    Thank you!!


  7. such lovely neon picks, especially that lamp

  8. I certainly do remember the 80's! What a fun feature!

  9. Lol, 80s will never lose their power.


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