Inside Etsy: Soft Natural Tones + Green

Our Inside Etsy collection today focuses on a natural palette of cool seashell and warm greens.  As Etsy shop owners. we offer a unique perspective of what's happening 'inside Etsy' - hence the name of our blog post series!  Our picks today were inspired by member curated Etsy treasuries - a fun way to showcase your favorite items together in a mini gallery format.  As winter fast approaches, cool seashell  is probably a gentle way of saying "snowy white", but  either way you'll find a sampling of home decor finds in neutral tones to match any room decor setting.   Green is a year round favorite color as it evokes the coming of spring, but also the celebration of the holidays.  Green is the ultimate 'natural' color found in nature and it's effects quite soothing.  Welcome any of our picks into your life any time of year!  Enjoy.    

Home Decor:
1. Tillandsia Paleacea by Sea and Asters $4
2. Antique Skeleton Key by Frenchfelt $11
3. Blue Hydrangea Organizer Bin by Hoganfe $29
4. 4 Vintage Christmas Tree Ornaments by Kaftan Sarafan $25
5. Paris Photography Collection - White by Little Brown Pen $145
6. Teal Leaves Ceramic Tile by Karo Art $106

Natural and Green:
1. Early Morning Dreams 8x12 by Amanda Rae K $35
2. T17 Organic Bezel Ring with Olivine by La Chica De Los Anillos $78
3. Green Tea Soap by Blushie $5.75
4. Double Cable Cowl- Olive by Woolbridge $35
5. Large Hobo Bag- Emerald Green by Bayan Hippo $39
6. Typewriter Print Tab Two 8x10 by Amelia Kay Photography $32
7. Porcelain Pendant with Queen Anne's Lace by Peiffer Studios $32


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