An Elite 16 Welcome : Etsy Shop Go Seek

Shop owners Jude Rand and Eben Papele invite one to look beneath the surface, to dig a little bit into the story locked within the hand picked antique finds that fill their Etsy shop goseek.  The photography of their items alone takes on a presence and sets the mood by drawing you in - one immediately wants to know more.  It is clear that Jude + Eben imbue all they do with a creative flair that is all their own, where being a creative being is simply a way of life.  They look to acquire "antique as opposed to vintage - the older the object the deeper the story.  It could be a special finish, or the mark of the makers hand, but there has to be a unique appeal to each piece to mark it as not being mass produced.  Creative lives are supported by creative objects.  It has to fit with that philosophy or we don't buy it."  We love your style Jude + Eben!  Welcome to the team!!

Current Shop Favorites:

1.  Circa 1900 farmhouse stool with blue paint $52
2.  Personalized Ribbon + Antique Heart sterling silver necklace $72
3.  Circa 1900 Industrial Basket $55
4.  Personalized circa 1900 Brass skeleton keychain $26


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