Have you ever wondered how to find quality shops on Etsy? We're Amber of Red Tile Studio & Nanako of Pig and Fish - as shop owners on Etsy, we take you INSIDE ETSY to all the juicy finds! When we tell people we have shops on Etsy, it's not uncommon for them to tell us how they find Etsy too overwhelming to navigate. We're here to help! There are so many amazing shops on Etsy + we love being able to share our favorites with you!

We met on Etsy back in June of 2011 and soon found out that we shared more than a common passion for handmade home decor products. We have since met in person several times both in Texas and Maine in addition to having a collaborative product line together named "1901 MILES" - in honor of the distance between our 2 studios! We are also co-captains of the ELITE16 team on Etsy.

ELITE16 refers to the number of slots in an Etsy treasury - a tool that allows you to showcase 16 of your favorite items together. The word 'elite' was chosen to reflect the skill of our team of treasury curators. Think of an Etsy treasury as a shopping guide and our team puts together some of the most beautiful collections.

We'll be sharing some of the best shopping guide collections with you here, in addition to our daily posts of Etsy FAVs!

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