Uplift Your Heart with Roses!

Lately, I've fallen in love with the fragrance of roses.  I love the rich and earthy scent that opens your heart and instantly feels relaxing.  I wish that I had a rose garden so I could have fresh roses in my house all during the summer, but I'll take any of these above choices instead!  In fact, I use the Lavender and Rose aromatherapy roller by The Living Earth Botanicals everyday and feel refreshed each time I put it on.  Ginger and Amanda add a hint of vanilla to their mix and it makes for a really soothing and calming scent - love it!  By indulging in this set of 4 rose scented items, you can surround yourself with the healing essence of roses all day long.

top left  Rose & Fresh Mint Vegan Soap  ||  Swamp Angel Soap
top right  Rose Lip Balm  ||  Winsom & Green
bottom left  Lavender & Rose Aromatherapy in a Jiffy  ||  The Living Earth Botanicals
bottom right  Rose & Geranium Shea Body Butter  ||  Auriel Marie

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