Take the Silk Road this Fall!

Is fall in the air where you live?  You know, cooler temps at night and a crispness that carries a slightly smokey texture to it?  Autumn is a time of transition as we change from the season of bright sunshine and lazy days at the beach to layered clothing and the fall foliage.  Colors are more saturated and earth centered - that's why this silk road trend is such a hit this fall!  Our team of curators have been putting together these Eastern influenced themed based shopping guides to help get you on trend.  What better way to shop Etsy than with a beautifully curated, hand selected guide of items so you don't have to search through thousands of items!  We do the hard work for you and we think you'll love the rich textures and colors found in our Silk Road Shopping Guides!  Enjoy!  

top left  silk road garland  ||  Palimpsestic
top right  iPhone 5 Case  ||  Red Tile Studio
bottom left  Porcelain Mehndi Silk Moth  ||  Studio By The Forest
bottom right  Moroccan Star Hand Printed Pillow  ||  Giardino


  1. I am really loving this trend! Beautiful post, Nanako! Thank you so much for including my moth! ♥

  2. I love this trend. I always look forward to the rich colors and textures returning each fall. Thanks so much for including my garland!

  3. I'm ready for some color and decorative motifs in jewel tones for fall - thanks for putting together this taste of a growing trend!


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