Summer Home Stylist Series || Cinne Worthington

As I got ready to write this post, I had to go and review Cinne's about page to make sure I didn't miss "interior designer" as one of her many talents!  It's clear by now that Cinne's eye for style extends far beyond the beautiful scarves in her Etsy shop by Cinne Worthington.  Following her theme of how fun it is to collect art on Etsy, Cinne has created a super cool home decor vingnette for us this week, centered around an art collector's foyer.  If you've been following Cinne's posts, you'll come to notice that she loves to challenge the "white wall syndrome" with her ability to blend different colors, patterns, and styles to create something totally new, yet totally harmonious.  I love how she has gone on an international road trip and combined the 4 major pieces in the room - a mid century floor lamp, an antique red Chinese credenza, a Moroccan Berber rug, and a handmade Danish chair.  They may all speak different languages, but they're all communicating just perfectly here!  While those 4 items ground the room, Cinne fills in with throw pillows to wall hanging accents to finish it off with perfection.  You want to hire her as your interior designer now, right??  

And yes, everything you see in the image above is available on Etsy!  So - let's get styling and let's get shopping!

the art collector's foyer
Mid century modern floor lamp (thank you for the background/floor photo!)

Antique Chinese Storage Credenza or Console in Lacquered Red

Moroccan Berber Beni Quarain Design Rug

Handmade Danish Ladderback Lounge Chair
Fish Bowl Wash Basin (used as display)

Vintage Suzanni Cushion

Rustic Burlap Sack Cusion with cross

Robert Allen decorative pillow
Male Head 02
by roughfusion

Antler No. 6990 photograph
by kariherer

Substitute Print form original fashion illustration
by LeighViner

Adirondack Marsh original painting
by Chrissy Pahucki of blackdirt


  1. Thank you so much for the feature and am completely inspired by this room! Fantastic!!

    Have a wonderful weekend! Nanako :)

  2. Stunning combination, the Rug on the wooden floor looks great against the white wall and the patterns goes well with the frames of the pictures..


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