Celebrating June || Summer Solstice Etsy Style Guides

1.  Paris Garden Photography  ||  The Paris Print Shop
2.  Mason Jar Votive Lantern  ||  Pigeon Toe Ceramics
3.  Upcycled Colorful Asian Inspired Dress  ||  Broken Ghost Clothing
4.  Handmade Brown Leather Sandals  ||  Calpas

For those of us here in the northern hemisphere, June 21st marks the summer solstice.  Yes, already!  Not only will it mark the longest day, but also the onset of summer.  Which means it's time to officially get those sandals, party dresses and voltives out for a garden party!  Okay - well, you don't have to celebrate the summer solstice with a party (although my ears perk up with any mention of the word 'party'!).  There are so many different ways to welcome in the energy of this season and we're here to help you do it Etsy style!

We work with a team of Etsy shop owners who get together once a month here on the blog to bring you Inside Etsy.  How?  Well, since we're on Etsy all the time, we know our way around quite well and we're in a great position to help you find some of the coolest items from our list of favorites!  We put together what we call "style guides" - which are essentially beautifully curated shopping guides with 16 items.  Each month we choose a theme and then we choose a winner at the end of the challenge!  This month, we'll be exploring the Summer Solstice in a variety of creative ways with Etsy shopping guides - so it's sure to be a lot of fun!

Come hang out with us from June 17-19th to find a whole bunch of new favorites on Etsy with our Elite16 Style Guides!  The entire list can be viewed right here!

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