My Love Affair with Pouches!

Do you have a secret love affair with pouches?  If you're like me, you already have an open love affair with bags - one for the market, one for traveling, going to the beach, a casual one, a dressy one...  You know the drill.  But when it comes to little pouches for organizing what's in your bag - where would you rate yourself?  On a scale of 1 to 10 - where would you rate yourself?  0 being "I don't care" and 10 being "I need one for every little item in my bag!"  I'm pretty much a 10.  I'm getting ready for a trip and ordered, let's see...a total of 9 pouches!!  Before you think I'm totally crazy, let me explain just a little.  See #3?  I ordered that beautiful pouch from Helen of Cloth & Ink and I'm using it for my ipod nano - fits perfectly!  Now, I can't have my ipod flopping around in my bag without a little pouch - right?  I've ordered some for cosmetics (I got a yellow leather cosmetic pouch from milloo - it's amazing!) and some for pencils and passport and...  For me, it's not hard to justify!

Ok, your turn!  Tell me in the comments below that I'm not totally crazy and alone on the scale as a 10!

1.  Cowgirl Clutch: Rodeo Days || Blue Mountain Thyme
2.  Cosmetic Case in Blue Linen and Red Leather || milloo
3.  Mini Pink Zipper Pouch ||  Cloth & Ink
4.  Screenprinted Zipper Pouch || Homesteading Roasters

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