Go Earthy with Your Graduation Gifts!

With college graduations around the corner, I thought I would put together a post about graduation gifts.  With so many different angles to approach this topic on, I decided to focus on home decor gift ideas that all shared a common theme - earthy!  Why?  Well, I was remembering what it was like after I graduated from college and how grounded and yet ungrounded I felt.  So many new experiences ahead of me, so many unknowns, many adventures awaiting me.  By giving a nature inspired gift, the essence of staying "grounded" through it all is transfered.  We all know the importance of staying grounded in life - even when the storm comes whipping through, if we have strong roots then we always remain strong.  The idea is to give a gift that also doubles as some words of wisdom!

My 4 selections will get you pointed in the right direction and make for a really thoughtful and personalized graduation gift!

top left               Hive Pattern Wall Decor || Red Tile Studio
top right            Art Print Etchings on Handmade Paper || 88 Editions
bottom left        Flight Series A || The Haunted Hollow Tree
bottom right      Feather Nature Photo || Amanda Keaton Photography


  1. A beautiful collection, thank you so much for including my Parchment Print!

  2. I love this approach, and indeed, staying grounded is essential to me.

    Thanks for including my prints.

    ; )

  3. Thoughtful message and great gifts! Thank you!


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