Modern Lights, please!

1.  Vintage Yellow Hanging Light by Anna Lou Vintage
2.  Handmade Wood Pendant Light by Raymond Barberousse
3.  Handmade Hanging Light by Filigree Creations
4.  Faceted Globe Pendant by Raw Dezign
5.  Small Porcelain Hanging Light by Light Fixture Tamar
6.  Dipped Pink and White Pendant by Typewriter Boneyard

I've been looking at the lights in my house lately and feeling like they need a major facelift.  When we were building our house, I was so involved in the actual building that things like lighting fixtures were way down on the list.  I had bigger issues to deal with - like learning how to tape and mud a whole house full of bare sheetrock!  There are so many cool vintage and handmade lighting options on Etsy that I thought I'd have a look about to see what caught my eye.  I've put together a small collection of 6 modern hanging lights and find that each one has a unique personality which would lend itself to a stylish redecorating project.  You can see my full collection of 16 right here.  Oooh - I'm starting to feel an itch!


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