7 Ways to Live with Floral!

Folks, tomorrow is May 1st.  Yup, I'm feeling the warm sun on my skin, lush green lawns and bountiful flowers popping up everywhere!  I always make time to enjoy fresh flowers and love bringing their beauty into the home to freshen things up.  But today, I'm going to give you 7 ways to enjoy the power of florals everyday!  Each selection marks a different way you can live with florals - will you wear them, decorate your home with them, enjoy their scent in a perfume or take a bath in them?  Hmmmm...they all sound lovely!

Browse through the list below and find which one matches your style!

1.  Retro Dress in 1940's Floral || Let's Backtrack
2.  Floral Bath Tea, Cloud 9 || The Living Earth Botanicals
3.  Daisy and Burlap Hippie Tie Headband || Be Something New
4.  Floral Decor Love Typography Print || Pastel Fables
5.  Petal Pink Flower Pillow || Jillian Rene Decor
6.  Lavender Lace Necklace || Branchbound
7.  Vespertina Organic Botanical Perfume || Illuminated Perfume


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