Fresh Five || Spring is here!

One of our goals is to find the best shop's on Etsy and share our favorite finds with you.  We also want to showcase the latest or "freshest" finds so that's why we created our Fresh Five.  The Fresh Five will be five items that are new to a shop +  share a common theme.  This weeks theme is Spring is here!  It's just around the corner and these Fresh Five feel like Spring to us.

Fresh Five
1. Antique Chair in Ikat Linen ||  Chez Boheme
2. Emerald Garden Original Painting ||  Created by Storm
3. Oatmeal Milk Bath for baby ||  Growing Up Herbal
4  Hand Block Printed Storage Bucket ||  Papa Totoro
5. Spring Flowers Apron || Oktak


  1. It's right around the corner .. when this snow melts, snowdrops will be blooming in Central Park! Thank you for the beautiful feature!

  2. Thank you for featuring my Oatmeal Milk Bath. I'm loving all these finds. So beautiful!

  3. Lovely finds Amber! And Thank you, my little birdie is honored. I cannot wait for spring to officially arrive. I am in the process of sprucing up my home and garden for the season and your finds are a perfect addition & inspiration.


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