Colorful Bedroom Decor!

1.  Batik Hexagon Patchwork Quilt by Ping Wynny
2.  Mended Vintage Pillow by Project Sarafan
3.  Preppy Pink Color Block Pillow by Jillian Rene Decor
4.  Hand Stamped Gray & Yellow Pillow by Giardino 

For those of you who know my Etsy shop Pig and Fish, you know that color is something Deb & I embrace.  We have a cottage here on the island named Verna Rose that we rent out weekly during the summer and she's maintained her original 1940's charm.  We've added our artistic, designer touches through such things as unique color combinations, stenciling, and refinished furniture.  As we prepare for the upcoming busy season, I began thinking about really plumping up the colors in the main bedroom.  That's what inspired this post!  I love the patchwork of various colors here in the quilt by Gillian of Ping Wynny and thought it would be great for using as a background with different pillows.  Then I just wanted to go crazy with different pillows that accent the cover, but don't match exactly.  I picked out 3 pillows from different Etsy shops - Irina's shop Project Sarafan, Jillian's shop Jillian Rene Decor, and Pat's shop Giardino. Each pillow has bold colors and patterns, but all of them compliment the cover and work together in a bright and expressive way.

What do you think?  It's pretty Pa-Zaam, isn't it?     


  1. That would look adorable at Verna Rose and love the color palette. Can't wait to get back there!

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