Blossoming Into Spring

1.  Woodland Nature Photography by Pure Nature Photos
2. Pair of Vintage Enamel Containers by Project Sarafan
3.  Custom Tea Dress by soho mode
4.  Floral Vintage Headband by Be Something New

When I saw this beautiful collection by Aki of Etsy shop oktak titled abloom, I immediately fell in love with the soft and dreamy world she created with her 16 selections.  The Etsy treasury system is such a fantastic way to showcase your favorite items together in a mini gallery setting and it's a wonderful tool for creative expression.  Spring has been ever present on my mind as I anxiously await the melting of snow and bursting forth of color.  I have also been giving the word "flowering" a lot of thought lately as it pertains to my own personal blossoming this year.  It's such a lovely metaphor for an inner awakening, a transformation that then organically comes to the surface and "flowers" into a new reality.    Many may not even be aware of all that is getting ready to blossom in the world, but it is already here.  Now we just have to open our hearts and receive.

What's blossoming in your heart this year?


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