Nectarine and Poppy Red | Pantone Color for Spring

We've reached the last of the Pantone 2013 Spring Colors and it's been quite a journey.  Our final two colors are Poppy Red and Nectarine. Both are punchy and fun and work great together or with a neutral like gray or linen. These colors are definitely not subdued and will make a statement. From a little red dress to a color block pillow, it's easy to incorporate these colors into your Spring!

Poppy Red and Nectarine picks:

1. Red Poppies Print | Calamari Studio
2. Poppy and Hedgehog Mobile | Studio by the Forest
3. Orange Plaid Leggings | I Heart Fink
4. Orange Dahlia's Print | Pure Nature Photos
5. Orange Serving Bowl | Karo Art
6. Color Block Pillow | Jillian Rene Decor
7. Photo Locket | So Little Time Co.
8. Red Dress | Assaf Pelleg
9. Messenger Bag | Bayan Hippo


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