Etsy Studio Visits: Meet Orly of Orly Design

Today we're going behind the scenes to get to know Orly Pittel of Etsy shop Orly Design!


Hi, I’m Orly Pittel—46 years old, happily married, a mother to 3 teenagers, a dog and a cat.  For the past 10 years we are living in a quiet village in the center of Israel.  Until 4 years ago, I worked as a lecturer of computers networking in a collage and in my free time I create with a variety of materials, something that started many years ago as a young girl.  I grew up in a very creative home, my parents owned a small factory for handmade knitting, I was always surrounded by creating and innovation
energy.  I guess this passion for art started back then.

Once I discovered ceramics I totally fell for it, it didn’t take long until I decided to leave the teaching job and focus on ceramics art.

On the day I officially quit my day job I set a milestone on my calendar, I took all the things we had in our garage (including the cars...) and converted it into my studio, as time passed by this has become the place I always dreamed about.

I literally live and breath this art all day & everyday, sometimes I dream about it at night... this is the result of working so close to home... and especially to your heart.

My working hours are way out of the nine to five format, some days last too late at night, on the other hand I get the chance to have lunch with my kids when they get back from school and also meet my friends for breakfast every once in a while, something that is easy to get used to...

Normally I sculpt during the morning time, everything is so quiet and you can hear the birds singing I have to admit that this is the most pleasant and relaxing music to work with. When the birds are not around I just listen to the radio (not talk shows, music!). Anyway, I have the 2 cutest colleagues that
keep me company.

I can summarize my inspiration in two words: Nature & Colours, that in most cases they blend with each other.

I like to take long walks, I try to catch the nature's shapes, textures, colors and sounds, even on a walk with the dog something can catch my eyes and I get back to the studio full with inspiration.  Almost every item I create is somehow related to nature, animals, birds (lots of birds!!!) butterflies, trees, leaves, flowers, acorns, oceans and lakes and more.  And the colours, I'm addicted to colours... there are colours combination with so much happiness and joy, visiting a flowers nursery or even the food market always fills me with new ideas.

When I’m not creating in the studio or struggling with leaving the computer :),  you’ll find me having fun in the kitchen... I really like to cook and bake - my kids are my “master chef” judges...

Creating ceramics is a long steps process, you can’t think of a new idea, create it and get immediate results... it simply doesn’t work.  The steps are much slower, you sculpt the new idea, wait for it to completely dry, first firing in the ceramic kiln, wait for the kiln to cool, glaze the item, second firing, and then wait again for the kiln to cool down.  This process can take sometimes up to 2-3 weeks, it depends on the size of the creation and the weather, on winter months, the drying process is longer.

I admit, waiting for the kiln to cool down is the hardest part in my work.  I’m a kind of person who likes to see immediate results and this indeed challenges me....

When I create in the studio, I use lots of tools I have purchased and collected during the years.  The most used tools I use are stamps which I make by myself or purchase.  I love to combine it in my creation. Each interesting texture I see becomes a new stamp to work with. I don’t think there is even one button or jewelry in my home that hasn’t become a stamp... Actually it’s a bit risky to be around me, if you pretty enough - i guess I’ll use you as a stamp as well :)

One more thing that I jealously keep is my grandmother and my mother’s laces which they knitted by themselves (and still do). The lace patterns combine beautifully in the clay and the option to stamp a design which was created in the family many years ago makes me happy.

If you already know my Etsy shop, you probably know that most items are for weddings. The reward when working with brides to be is awesome... I get excited again and again when a couple chooses my items for the most important day of their lives :) Knowing that when they cut the wedding cake at their big day, everybody looks at the cake topper (after the bride of-course...) that I designed and created by myself, and that wonderful couple which allows me to be a little part of their special day makes me feel great!

I want to take this opportunity to share with you that I’m so proud to be a part of this wonderful team. I need to say that a considerable part of my shop’s exposure is because of the team.  Actually, I met a very professional and talented woman in the team which helped me a lot with business and marketing planning for 2013. Because of her advice, my schedule, plans and goals are much more organized. Thank you so much Meagan Visser.  And... The team managers, Big Thanks... and as I already told, you have made this team a one big family!!


  1. Wow, what a treat to see your studio and learn more about you, Orly! (You are beautiful, by the way!) Wonderful feature!

  2. Absolutely beautiful, interesting, amazing!
    Congrats Orly for your work and Elite 16 for the
    "have a peek at the studio" idea!

  3. I really enjoyed reading about you and your studio. Thank you for sharing with us!

  4. What a beautiful studio, Orly! You are so organized (and so busy too!).

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  6. Wonderful!!


  7. Wonderful feature! Thank you, Orly, for sharing this slice of your life and work. Your dog and cat are cute, too! ;-)

  8. Lovley studio & area to work in :)

  9. Enjoyed reading this great post and have a look at Orly's lovely studio. Way to go !!!

  10. Thank you so much everyone for your kind words!
    I'm flattered from all responses I got here, on Facebook and by email.
    Thanks again for the opportunity to share with you a little part of my life :)

  11. Great interview! Wonderful to get to know you a little more!

  12. great feature Orly!! thanks for taking us into your studio!

  13. beautiful photos, I have total studio envy all that natural light is amazing!! Thanks for sharing Orly :)

  14. Gorgeous photos. I love your shelves of little houses, so adorable.
    Thanks for sharing!


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