Valentine's Day Gift Ideas!

1. Kissing Porcelain Hedgehogs by Studio by the Forest
2. Be Still My Beating Heart Coin Purse by oktak
3. Modern iPhone 5 Case by Red Tile Studio
4. Lavender Bath Salts by Little Flower Soap Co.

Valentine's Day is just 5 weeks from today and trust me, it's really a lot easier to plan ahead than to wait until the last minute.  Planning may not be your forte and that's why we're here to help!  So, listen up - we're about to turn you into a Valentine's Day gift giving genius!  I've put together a collection of 16 finds just for you, click here to see the entire list.  Above, I've highlighted 4 items that would make any girl smile.  

What says "I love you" more than 2 adorable kissing hedgehogs?  These small porcelain critters are handmade by Anna of Studio by the Forest and have just the sweetest details - adorable!  They're small, precious and make such a charming little pair.  Next, the coin purse in shades of pink with a cute heart with embroidered touches is appropriately titled, "Be Still My Beating Heart"!  You've heard the Japanese word "kawaii" before, right?  Well - all items in Aki's shop oktak would be categorized as just that - cute!!  Now, it's probably safe to say that most people who own an iPhone are not shy to profess they're unwavering love and devotion to the device.   Hopefully not so much that they love their iPhone more than they love you, but don't worry - that's highly unlikely!  Still, stay one up on that flirtatious device by giving the gift of a super cool and hip iPhone case by Amber of Red Tile Studio.  Think of it as insurance - then each time they look at their iPhone, the first thing they'll see is the thoughtful case you bought for them and remember you.  Finally, a gift that everyone can relate to - relaxing!  Holly of Little Flower Soap Co has blended her lavender bath salts with key ingredients to help your loved one slip into the tub and let go of all tension, anxiety and worry.  Ahhhh~~~  Soak up all the goodness that's here on Etsy so that this year, you're ready to celebrate Valentine's Day in style!

To make gift giving even easier, I've put together a little catalog!  

Enjoy & be sure to share!

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