New Year's Resolution: Cook More!

1. Vegetable Garden Reversible Apron by oktak
2. Porcelain Serving Bowl in Chartreuse by L & M Studio
3. Set of 3 Dipped Wooden Spoons by Wind and Willow Home
4. Garden to Table Screen Printed Tea Towel by Homesteading Roasters

After an amazing 36 hr run of feasting, I'm stuffed!  Our festivities began on Christmas Eve with dinner at my mom's.  My mom loves to cook and even though there were just 3 of us, we had enough food for 6!  She made a delicious meal of pan sauteed haddock with a creamy mustard sauce, salad, roasted potatoes and squash, and roasted asparagus with almonds. Not to mention dessert - which I'm still snacking on - gluten & dairy free brownies with walnuts!  Christmas Day involved more eating as we started the day with homemade gluten & dairy free pumpkin spiced almond muffins - hubba, hubba!  They were amazing.  All this cooking, baking and eating has ignited a somewhat shoved aside passion of mine - spending time in the kitchen and making delicious food!  I love to cook, but often times get stuck in a rut and make the same thing over and over.  So cooking never gets shoved aside, but the passion part does.  So - for one of my New Year's Resolutions - I'm putting down "Cook More"!

Every cook needs the proper utensils and accessories to get ready and inspired - what's not to love about the adorable reversible apron by Aki of oktak, I think I'd wear it around even if I weren't cooking because it's so cute!   I love the simple beauty of Wind and Willow Home's hand dipped wooden spoons as I feel that surrounding yourself with beautiful items helps to feel inspired.   I have a great collection of serving bowls - big, small, vintage, handmade, pink, green, lots of colors - each one with a different mood and feel.  I have yet to add a porcelain item to my bowl collection, so I'm turning to Meg and Lucie's shop l&m studio for this gorgeous chartreuse footed serving bowl.  Something about porcelain just makes me happy - add the green inner glaze and I'm like a happy cow at in the pasture.  Finally, one of the most essential tools in the kitchen?  A tea towel!  I've chosen this lightweight 100% cotton tea towel with a botanical print by Mandy of Homesteading Roasters - I like to make a mess when I cook, but I also like to clean up with a sparkle.

I've put together a collection of kitchen goodies all from Etsy right here.  I'm ready to make more time to cook with passion in 2013 - what about you?

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