New Year's Eve Party Outfit - boots or flats?

1. Vintage 1950s Party Dress by Thrush
2. Avanturine Rutile 24kt Gold Necklace by Omiya
3. Black Winter Coat by Assaf Pelleg
4. 14kt Gold Pave' Diamond Earrings by Tula Jewelry
5. Leather Riding Boots by Bali Elf
6. Petal Fairy Tale Shoes by Fairysteps

Do you have big plans for New Year's Eve?  A romantic dinner for two, a lively party with friends, a night out on the town?  I do!  At least in my head.  It's pretty much the same story each year, "This year, I really want to go down to Boston for First Night and enjoy the festive atmosphere of the city!"  (Remember, I live on an island off the coast of Maine with 500 residents, so the thought of being around a crowd of people can be pretty exciting...)  But then, each year as the 31st starts to approach my determination starts to wane, "Oooh, looks like it's going to be cold and who will watch the dogs and what about the traffic on New Year's Eve, and, and, and??"  I create too many obstacles to take action and end up staying home.  I know - Bo, Bo, Bor-ring.  I'm happy to report that this year I'll probably hang out with some friends to remove at least part of the "bo, bo" from "boring".  I probably won't get dressed up, but I love to think I will because bed head girls like to look fancy too, you know! So check out the adorable vintage party dress from Thrush that I'm going to highlight with the gorgeous necklace with 24kt gold by Omiya.  A cute black corduroy jacket from Assaf Pelleg with the oh so precious diamond and gold earrings by Tula Jewelry for just the right amount of bling, but now the shoes!  Here's where I need your help.  Do you think the boots from Bali Elf OR the sweetest fairy inspired flats from Fairysteps?

Which one would you choose to finish off this outfit?

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