Exploring Neck Wear for Everyday Wear!

1. 22kt gold and silver necklace by Mary Anne Karren
2. sterling silver bib statement necklace by lolide
3. Wearable Fiber Art Jewelry by Elena Rosenberg
4. chunky ceramic necklace by karo Art

After living in Maine for almost 20 years now, my style has evolved to meet the rhythms of life here.  Although I'm pretty sure 'bed head' will never become a trending style, nor should it, my everyday look is one that is relaxed and casual, but with some sort of funky twist.  And no, I don't count 'bed head' as being part of that funky style - don't worry!  Instead, I like to use necklaces as a fun and easy way to give a plain t-shirt a little creative kick in the pants.  I love the geometric shapes found in each of the necklaces I've selected here - from Karo of Karo Art's bold ceramic piece to the simple, yet striking gold sphere of Mary Anne's necklace.   The wispy effect of Lori's oxidized necklace with jade stone has a delicate feel coupled with a dynamic look - see how beautiful it looks on a white t-shirt?  Elena's silk crocheted necklace creates shapes in both the positive and negative space for a really fantastic piece of neck wear art.  What's your style - will you go for the relaxed funky look in 2013?  Good news - bed head is not required!



  1. Love your choices! And thank you for the little feature :)

  2. I have this necklace (#1) and love it!! It can be dressy or casual. I also have many other beautiful pieces from this talented lady : )

  3. Not only is this a smashing compilation that I'm delighted to see my neckace be part of, but I also really liked your take on my piece, beautifully written! Thank you!

  4. Yvette - I'm having some necklace envy! I love how Mary Anne works the beautiful 22kt gold into the center of the design - lucky you!!


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