Style Your Dorm on Etsy | Bold, Bright, and Modern

It's 2012 and there is no excuse to have a bland + boring dorm room. You also don't have to settle for what you can find off the shelf at a big box store.  Why? Because there is Etsy and our goal is to help you find the best shops on Etsy to make shopping easy and fun!

Our dorm room today was styled by Jillian of Jillian Rene Decor.  What I just love about this room is that it's modern and colorful.  Who wouldn't want to study in a space like this?   I find that most people have trouble finding a starting point when decorating a space.  A great tip to take from this room is to find a piece of art your really like and build your whole room around it's color palette.  How easy is that?

Find all of our Dorm Room Picks on Pinterest.

Jillian's Dorm Must Haves:
1.  French Barrette's | Loft Full of Goodies
2.  Infinite Love Print | Louisest Art
3.  Love Initials Art Print | Retro Menagerie
4.  Chevron Pencil Box | Mmim
5.  Aqua Necklace | Branch Bound
6.  Pink Chevron iPhone case | Red Tile Studio
7.  Cassette Tape Pillow Case | Classic by Nature
8.  Vintage Set of Mugs | LoVintage Finds
9.  Blue Yarn Bowl  | Karo Art
10. Butterfly Clutch | Mama Bleu Designs 
11. Thistle Wall Vase Set | Pig and Fish


  1. Just feel in love with this collection + am remembering my bland college dorm room - I could have used these picks back then to brighten things up for sure! Love it Amber - thank you!!

  2. This is awesome, Amber! Love the board you've put together - who wouldn't love calling this home while they're in college?!


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