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If we were to come over and forage through your medicine cabinet, what sort of beauty care items would we find?  We're not talking about quantity here, so don't worry if you like to hoard different moisturizers - from almost empty to half full.  What we're interested in here is the quality.  Your skin is your body's largest organ, which means that whatever you slather on your skin get absorbed by your body.  Don't you want to make sure you're feeding yourself an all natural skin care diet?  If you can't pronounce 3/4 of the ingredients on the label, chances are you don't want to sit down + essentially 'eat' a side serving of it by putting it on your skin.  Just ask Christa of Etsy shop Winsome & Green!  Christa understands the importance of not just treating the skin with all natural products, but also of living in co-creation with nature.  She uses eco-friendly and organic ingredients and never uses synthetic colors or fragrances.  Instead, she relies on nature to color her balms or to scent her products.  Inspired by nature with ingredients you can actually pronounce!  Good for the planet + good for your skin - so, go on...  Indulge yourself!

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  1. I love your shop! So glad you have joined us.

  2. Welcome, Christa!

    I LOVE your lip balms and use them everyday. ;)

    Team - I highly suggest them.

  3. Welcome, Christa! Wonderful shop with beautiful pics!

  4. Thanks so much, guys - you know how to make a girl feel welcome! ;)

  5. Welcome aboard, Christa! So thrilled to have you with us!

  6. So glad to see you here, Christa!!


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